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Katy's Iconic Restaurant , Snappy's, Gets New Owner


June 3, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy’s Snappy’s Cafe and Grill has a new owner. Anna Liu bought the Old Katy popular breakfast and lunch hangout this week. She says things will not change for the Katy staple and welcomes guests to come say hi.

Anna Liu in front of Snappy's in Old Katy. Photo credit: Natalie Clark

Born in China, Anna Liu is American educated and has lived in Louisiana and Kentucky, but the hometown feel of Katy has captured her heart.

The Katy community continues to grow and develop along with many new franchise chain restaurants.

Large Chain Restaurants Hurt Small, Family Businesses

“Larger chain restaurants are really running local restaurants like Snappy’s out and I really like the smaller hometown feel restaurant like Snappy’s, where everyone knows you,” says Anna.

This is one of the things that really attracted her to Snappy’s and Katy.

“When I first walked into Snappy’s all the girls knew each customer by name,” says Anna. “I was amazed. Here was this café with a hometown feeling to it.”

No Stranger to the Restaurant Business

Anna previously owned a successful Chinese restaurant in the Woodlands. When she heard that Bobby Katsabas and Alex Tsounakas, who bought Snappy’s in 2002, were looking to retire and sell Snappy’s, she was immediately interested.

“I was really attracted to how Snappy’s is an extension of the community,” says Anna. “I want to maintain that same community spirit. Snappy’s is really a hub for the Katy community.”

"Snappy's is a throwback to a simpler time, when the town cafe was a community meeting place," says Chris Harris, Mayor Pro Tem. "Located in Old Town Katy, Snappy's is a place all generations and visitors enjoy to take a moment to enjoy life."

Chris Harris and Anna Liu. Photo credit- Chris Harris.

Ownership Changed this Week

Anna became the owner effective June 1st and already during her first week has welcomed the Katy Mayor Bill Hastings, Chris Harris, Mayor Pro Tem, the Katy City Council, police officers, football coaches, other city officials, and more. Today is Thursday and for some on this list they had visited numerous times.

On a summer Thursday there is barely a break for the Snappy’s staff between the breakfast and lunch rush. At lunch, every table is packed.

“It is really moving to see people from the community come in and support Snappy’s,” says Anna. “I want to also serve and support the community.”

Rest Easy, No Changes

Anna stresses that she will not be making changes, so Snappy’s loyal regulars can rest easy.

“Snappy’s will have the same menu, the same cook, same girls. I hope the same customers, just a new face, me!” says Anna. “I am open to suggestions though and will listen to customer feedback.”

Anna’s favorite Snappy’s meal is the biscuits and gravy.

Bobby Katsabas and Alex Tsounakas will retire but plan to stick around. “They still will be around and both said not to change the menu,” says Anna.

While she doesn’t live in Katy yet, her family does. Her parents live in Cinco Ranch and her younger brother attends Seven Lakes High School.

Snappy's Cafe and Grill is located at 5803 Highway 90 in Old Town Katy. They serve breakfast and lunch.

“Snappy’s is an example of what makes Katy special,” says Anna. “It’s an amazing culture. I feel like I’m not working, I’m just talking. This makes Snappy’s.”

Learn more about Snappy's Cafe and Grill at their website and Facebook page.


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