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Katy’s Willowfork Fire Department Receives Donation for Gas Response Equipment


September 25, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy's Enstor, an independent natural gas storage operator, made a donation to Willowfork Fire Department. The donation will go toward purchasing gas response related equipment.

From left to right: Captain Joe Villarreal, Willowfork Fire Department; Chief Billy Wilson, Fire Chief Willowfork Fire Department; Eddie Bennett, Enstor Operations Manager – Katy Gas Storage; Marti Thorne, Ft. Bend County ESD #2 Board Member; Chief Kevin Walters, Battalion Chief, Willowfork Fire Department

Willowfork Fire Department, Fort Bend County ESD #2 has received a $2,500 from Enstor to purchase gas response related equipment.

Meeting a Need

“We had a need at the time and the need was related to what they,” says Fire Chief Billy Wilson. One of the departments new trucks will be outfitted with gas response equipment.

Enstor is a gas storage plant in Katy that has developed a good relationship over the years with Willowfork Fire Department.

“We’ve never had an emergency response to their facility,” says Chief Wilson.

Enstor hosts the fire department annually in a tour of their facility. “We know who they are and what they do,” says Chief Wilson.

“They love preparedness, as do we,” says Chief Wilson. “The best thing that can happen is nothing.”

Gas related emergencies vary according to Willowfork Fire Department. They can get up to 25 related calls in a year and then sometimes that amount in a month.

The most common gas emergency in the area is homeowners cutting a line for example when installing a fence.

Giving Back

Enstor oversees a high-deliverability, multicycle natural gas storage facility in Fort Bend and Waller counties. Their facility has a depleted gas production reservoir, redeveloped as a natural gas storage reservoir, along with a dual pipeline interconnected with 14 major natural gas pipelines.

Enstor takes pride in being active in their community and gives back through donations and time to local nonprofits and first responders.

Learn more about Enstor on their website.

Willowfork Fire Department and Fort Bend County ESD #2 were formed in 2003 to ensure the safety of the continually growing Cinco Ranch and the greater Fort Bend County communities. They now have three stations.

Learn more about Willowfork Fire Department at their website.


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