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Katy Senior Accepted to Five Ivy League Schools


April 18, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Mayde Creek High School senior Jonathan Huang has been accepted into five Ivy League schools on his mission to work in the medical field inspired by his own medical condition.

Jonathan Huang and some of his favorite teachers celebrate his acceptance into Harvard University. Photo credit: Jonathan Huang.

Jonathan Huang has been accepted to Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, and Duke University.

Inspired by His Own Medical Condition

“I plan on majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology under the Pre-Medicine route,” says Jonathan Huang, who has a personal connection to the field as he has been inspired by his own personal liver condition.

“I hope to prepare for my career in medicine by further exploring the field of science during my undergraduate studies,” says Huang.

Huang was born in San Francisco, California, but spent most of his childhood in Tomball. He and his family moved to Katy before his 7th grade year. He attended Mayde Creek Junior High and then Mayde Creek High School.

Holds Multiple Extracurricular Office Positions

Huang stays busy with school extracurriculars. He’s the District 13 President for Texas Associations of Student Councils. He also serves as the President for the Academic Decathlon, Future Business Leaders of America, Key Club and Science National Honor Society.

He’s the Mayde Creek Class of 2022 Senior Class Treasurer and is a member of National Honor Society, National English Honor society, National Social Studies Honor society, National Technical Honor Society, and the Spanish Honor Society.

In his free time, he loves to spend time with family and friends in Katy.

Loves Katy Asian Town

“Within Katy, my favorite hangout would be Katy Asian Town,” says Huang. “My friends, family, and I all love going to Katy Asian Town because of the various diverse food and shopping options available.”

Huang has a huge passion and aptitude for technology.

“When I was in middle school, I had the opportunity to learn to fix electronics and am now known for my skills both on and off campus,” says Huang.

He is often the tech support for his teachers and friends and has a tech-based YouTube Channel.

“My love for technology serves as an escape from the academic stresses and demands of life, while also being a great side hustle,” says Huang.

Huang is honored and thrilled with his college acceptance success but is still deciding.

“I have not yet committed to a school but am considering Harvard as my premier pick,” says Huang. “It remains one of my top choices due to its extensive networking/research opportunities, proximity to two of my doctor friends that recently matched for residency in MetroWest Medical Center, and one of my closest friends, Min, is also currently a student there.”

He will make a final decision when he visits the school later this month.

Advice for Katy Students

“I think the strongest part of my college acceptances included two things: the sense of vulnerability that I portrayed in my essays, and the accomplishments I was able to achieve within each of my aforementioned officer roles,” says Huang.

Though he admits it’s cliché, Huang’s best advice to students is to be themselves. He says that colleges really want to see the true student and not the “perfect one.”

“I think this personalized my application to stand out, as it lets colleges know that my emotions and stories are real, just like my passion for their school,” says Huang.

He also thinks that colleges want to see what students actual do in their roles versus focusing on officer titles.

“In my case, within each club, I was able to help facilitate significant growth, as with Mayde Creek Key Club going from being inactive to becoming a Top 25 (out of 335 total chapters) Club in Texas-Oklahoma over the course of 15 months, or facilitating a district merger between District 7 and District 13 of Student Council,” explains Huang.

“As a whole, I would recommend for future applicants to try and take a similar approach with both being realistic when writing, and truly committing to extracurricular activities” advises Huang.

After graduation the Huang family plans to travel to New York and explore Times Square. The Huang family has always wanted such a trip, but Jonathan says that their scheduled havn’t allowed it.

“After I graduate, we will be planning some type of vacation to both relax and celebrate the successes that they helped make possible!”

Katy Magazine congratulates Jonathan Huang on his success and exciting future.

Katy ISD high schools start commencement ceremonies on May 19. Haung will graduate with his Mayde Creek High School senior class on May 21, 2022.


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