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Katy Senior Citizens Urged to Register for Silver Watch Program


September 29, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Harris County Constable Ted Heap's new Silver Watch program is quickly becoming one of the precinct's most popular community programs. Families can register online for Silver Watch, the program implemented to monitor the community's senior citizens.

Register Yourself or a Loved One

"Silver Watch is designated to inform, to educate, and to serve the senior population here in precinct 5," says Constable Ted Heap.

Under this new program, senior citizens can sign up, or be signed up by concerned family members, for regular personal welfare checks. Once a senior resident is registered, an officer will follow up with a phone call to get any additional information that can best help serve the individual. Uniformed deputies will visit their home on a regular basis and make sure the registered senior citizen is safe and well.

Great For Times of Need

"It's a great way for us to keep in contact with those who may need special assistance during times of need," says Heap.

He gave the example of hurricane season as a time of need where the program could be of great service.

Seniors are Frequently Targeted

"We know it can be worrisome to have a loved one living on their own as they reach their golden years," states the official Precinct 5 Facebook page. "And, unfortunately, senior citizens are frequently targeted as victims by those who prey upon others."

This vulnerability inspired Heap to launch the Silver Watch program.

Educate Senior Citizens on Local Trends

In addition to checking on senior residents, the Silver Watch program will also help educate senior citizens on frequent scams that target their demographic. The program will provide answers to questions regarding local crime trends, and offer suggestions to seniors for protecting themselves, their home, and property.

This free and growing program is another opportunity for precinct 5 deputies to serve the community. Learn more about the Silver Watch program and/or register at the website.


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