Katy Strong: Crown Kitchen Provides Midway BBQ Temporary Home


March 8, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

After last month’s devastating fire, the Midway BBQ restaurant has found a temporary home in Crown Kitchen across from Katy High School. The relationship between these two business-owning families shows the true spirit of the Katy community.

Popular Katy Restaurant Moves, Temporarily

Midway BBQ, 6025 Highway Blvd., suffered a devastating fire on the morning of February 20. Rebuilding the Old Katy restaurant staple could take a full year. Fortunately, the popular Midway Meat Market, located nearby, is still operational.

Katy Business Owners Helping Katy Business Owners

After the fire, the McClelland family, owners of Willy Burger and Crown Kitchen in Katy, responded. Colburn McClelland said his wife reminded him that their family has been blessed and they needed to help.

McClelland approached Herman Meyer, owner of Midway BBQ.

“He was sitting in his truck. Tears in his eyes,” says Colburn McClelland. “Looking in his eyes was like looking at my Granddaddy.”

The McClellands offered the Meyer family to use Crown Kitchen as a transitional location to open Midway BBQ. The temporary location, located across the street from Katy High School at 6191 Highway Blvd., opens in a few weeks. Midway BBQ will operate there, for about a year, until the renovations are completed at the stand-alone restaurant.

The Midway BBQ sits empty, with a blue tarp on the roof. Photo: Jennifer Miko

“It’s down the street, everybody knows where it is at,” says McClelland.

“This gave us hope for the future of Midway,” says Midway BBQ General Manager Jason Carlisle. “We will need a few weeks to retro fit Crown Kitchen to our needs.”

A Relationship and a Plant

The relationship between McClelland and Meyer goes back many years.

Midway BBQ, the restaurant opened in the mid-90’s after a successful run of a meat market and processing center evolved into the restaurant industry.

“Meyer bought me a plant when I opened up Willy Burger as a welcome to the Katy community,” says McClelland. “It sits on the corner in the restaurant to this day.”