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Katy Teen Inspires Service Through Ambitious Canned Food Drive


November 16, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Taylor High School student is inspiring others and leading the charge in community service. Sophomore Lauren Forney is currently hosting her 7th annual canned food drive, but her serving heart goes way beyond that.

Katy Teen Holds 7th Food Drive

15-year-old Lauren Forney is holding her 7th annual Community Canned Food Drive. In the past, the cans have benefitted organizations such as Katy Christian Ministries and the Ballard House. This year, she is collecting cans for the Mamie George Community Center of Richmond.

November 20 Deadline to Donate

Lauren's has been collecting for her annual Community Canned Food Drive since October 1. The deadline is November 20. She has set a lofty goal of 8,000 cans and is well on her way. Cans can be dropped off at her front door, 20706 Castle Bend Drive.

Idea Started with School Service Project

Lauren started her first food drive when she was in the fourth grade at Pattison Elementary. She was participating in the Read, Deed, and Run program, a service after school club where she read 26 books, ran 26 miles and completed 26 deeds. The canned food drive was one of her signature deeds that she did outside of school with the help of the community.

"The first year, Lauren and I walked the neighborhood putting flyers into mailboxes," says her mother, Lisa Forney. "She spoke to neighbors that were walking their dogs and outside with the kids the first year."

Lauren's mother was prepared to put cans at their front door if no one donated but that wasn't the case. For her first canned food drive, Lauren collected 200 cans that she delivered to Katy Christian Ministries.

Goal to Collect 8,000 Cans

This year Lauren hopes to collect 8,000 cans. To help spread the movement of service, Lauren has founded Lady Lauren's Community Service Academy. Together these twenty-five students are working toward meeting their goal.

A Servant Heart

"Lauren has a servant heart," says Lisa Forney. "She is our only child. She is the youngest grandchild and the only girl in our immediate family. At an early age, my husband and I have taught her to help others. Now, at the age of 15, thinking of others is on auto pilot for her."

You can follow Lauren's story at the Lady Lauren Community Service Academy Facebook page.


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