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What Every Katyite Should Know

Here are a few need to knows and interesting things every Katyite must know.

How did Katy get its name?

Some historians say that Katy could be named after a popular saloon keeper in the early 1900's named Katy Mares? Others believe Katy was named after the MKT railroad. Nobody seems to know for sure.

Who are Katy's most famous celebrities?

There are a lot of well-known people that lived in Katy including Renée Zellweger (Actor), Clint Black (Country Music Star), Andy Dalton (Pro Quarterback Cincinnatti Bengals), Sage Northcutt (UFC Fighter), Kearran Giovanni (Actor), Janeane Garafalo (Actor), Jay P. Richardson Jr. - now deceased (son of The Big Bopper), Missi Pyle (Actor), and more.

Has Katy always had high education standards?

Yes. Many of Katy’s early settlers set a precedent for high education standards. The first school was located at Avenue D and 6th Street, and the first school teacher was Edna James. Katy ISD was organized in 1918 and is now a nationally-recognized school district.

What's with the rice? Historically, Katy was a rice farming community, which is why you will see old rice dryers as you pass through town and why the community celebrates the Rice Harvest Festival every year. There aren't any rice farmers left but that's our legacy.

Are there really alligators and snakes?

Um. Yes/ There 'may' be an alligator near bayous or even on golf courses. You just might get an occasional snake visiting your pool. Be mindful that we have some fierce critters in these parts. Where do hometown people hang out? Long-time Katyites can be found shooting the breeze at Snappy’s Café, No Label Brewery, Midway Barbeque, or the VFW Hall. Why is football such a big deal? The Katy Tigers have won eight state championships, so football is a huge part of our community. People in Katy start their kids in football and cheerleading not long after they can walk.

Why do we go crazy for bluebonnets?

Getting photos of the kids in the bluebonnets is a Texas tradition that spans back to when cameras were invented. Bluebonnet season runs March through May. Just be careful of stopping on highways and of snakes hiding in the bluebonnets.

What is Cinco Ranch? It's a large master planned community with numerous pools, parks, shops, restaurants and schools. Before it became Cinco Ranch it was actually five ranches. Hence the name Cinco Ranch.

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Photo of Spring Lake by Srini Sundarrajan

Katrina Katsarelis is the editor-in-chief of Katy Magazine and loves talking about Katy, Texas


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