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Local School Promotes Peace with a Field Full of Pinwheels


September 21, 2018

Natalie Cook Clark

Golbow Elementary students planted homemade pinwheels in the shape of a peace sign for International Peace Day. The project is to "showcase student voices and their ideas for peace."

Yesterday the around 780 students of Golbow Elementary planted pinwheels that they made in the image of what they feel peace looks like. This is the 5th year they have done this project that was started by former art teacher, Mrs. Brown and continued with current art teacher Mrs. Morris.

"This event is important to our community and District because we are showcasing our students and their voice and ideas for peace around International Peace Day," says Assistant Principal Jeff Carrus. "Students have such an honest and inspiring vision of what Peace is and how to achieve it and if we listen to their voices, we can strive to make this world a better place for them!"

The students worked hard on creating their pinwheels leading up to this event, where families come out and support their efforts and enjoy seeing them share their message of peace.

International Peace Day is today, Friday September 21 and is observed throughout the world in an effort to support and foster peace.


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