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McMeans Junior High Student Starts Long Recovery After Severe Burns

Katy Magazine News

December 1, 2018

Written by Natalie Cook Clark

A McMeans Junior High student, Tyler Credeur, is currently in ICU after a small family outdoor fire exploded burning 85 percent of his body. His family has been told that his recovery will take years with the first year being at Shriners.

The Friday after Thanksgiving Tyler and his Dad, Bryan drove up to Genoa, Arkansas to visit

family. On Saturday Tyler had been sitting by a small outdoor fire roasting marshmallows when the family believes a gas can exploded sending Tyler and his Grandmother's car up in flames. The fire burned 85% of his body and he was initially taken to Southeast Arkansas and then driven by ambulance to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Last Monday he was flown to Shriners Hospital in Galveston, TX where he had his first of many major surgeries and remains in ICU.

"Tyler is very personable, always helping others and teaching them things he knows how to do," says his Dad, Bryan Credeur. Tyler is expected to be at Shriners in Galveston for a year for skin grafting and physical therapy.

Today Tyler received postcards and personal notes from the staff, teachers and students at McMeans Junior High. The school has started #Tylerstrong in support.

"We're looking into how to go about school probably homebound," says Bryan. "He will probably go to Taylor High School next year. We've been told his recovery will take years."

Tyler is an active 8th grader involved in baseball, football, archery, and was even a hall monitor at McMeans. "He played football at McMeans these past two years and has also done track," said Bryan.

"Tyler is most genuine and kind 14 year old. Even now in this horrible time he is trying to make small jokes and keep positive," said Libby Trahan, Bryan's cousin's wife who set up a Go Fund Me page for the family.

Tyler is surrounded by family and friends. His mom and stepfather, Rachel and Jimmy Locke are also helping and supporting him. "Everyone has come together for Tyler," says Trahan.


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