Meet Your Candidates for City of Katy Council

Katy Magazine

April 23, 2018

Jennifer Skelton

Early voting begins today for the City of Katy council seats Ward A, Ward B and At-Large. Read bio's on each candidate below.

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Ward A


Councilman Ray Boothe was appointed as a Ward A council member, last year, after winning a special election to serve the remainder of the unexpired term when Chuck Brawner resigned to run for mayor. Previously, he served on the City Planning and Zoning Board. As a Council Member, Councilman Boothe supported the bonds to be put on the ballot in the upcoming election to assist in flood mitigation.


Ray and his wife, Shari, have four children and have lived in the City of Katy since 1991. The Boothes have owned their own insurance business in the City of Katy for 30 years. Ray is a conservative Christian and faith plays a role in every decision that he makes. He has a solid foundation and a year of experience on the council that he feels qualifies him to make the best decisions for the City of Katy.


Flooding, Development Matters, and New Construction

Councilman Boothe says flooding is a major area of concern. "We must continue to put pressure on state and national government to assist in building a new reservoir to the north," says Boothe. " Second, we must do all we can locally to get the water out of our neighborhoods and moving downstream without doing damage to our neighbors to the south." Boothe also wants to reevaluate development and building standards, going forward. "If those need to be changed, then discussions need to be started." Boothe wants the council to consider building more pier and beam construction as Katy begins to tear down old homes. He also believes the city needs to learn how we elevate properties with fill dirt for new construction, without causing issues for neighbors by cutting them off from the natural flow of the land.

Additional Comments

Councilman Boothe thinks it's important to have the best and most professional police and fire departments that the City can afford. "I believe in a strong military, and on a local level that translates into strong police and fire departments. A strong police force, like a strong military, acts as a deterrent."

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Janet Corte has been a working mother while her children were growing up, working as an IT Consultant. In her career, Corte has been responsible for projects from inception through closure including project estimating, scheduling and planning, adherence to schedules and project scope, and client communication. She has volunteered in our community for many years as her children's Girl Scout troop leader and volunteered in the children's school including President of Project Graduation for the Katy High graduating class of 2004.


Janet and her husband have lived in Katy for 29 years and love this town! They have raised four children that attended KISD schools. Janet is an active member of First United Methodist Church, providing support to the young group, Sunday school and confirmation classes.


Flood mitigation, commercial growth, zoning

Flood mitigation and improved drainage is definitely the first priority. "The bonds are a good start but there is more to be done," states Corte. "I also want to ensure that while we welcome and embrace growth there is responsible management of the changes that come with continued growth."

Corte feels that commercial growth needs to occur in the appropriately designated zones and not in the midst of our residential neighborhoods. "I am also very interested in the revitalization of the downtown area," says Corte. "Through my conversations with many residents, I know this is of great interest to them also."

Additional Information

"I want the readers to know that I will work hard for all of Katy. Katy is growing and our city leaders are facing a lot of work in the near future. I will work hard to support our city leaders, assist in building relationships that will be beneficial to the entire Katy community, and ensure that Katy remains a place that we are proud to call home. I have knocked on many doors visiting with the residents. I hope I have gained the voters’ trust and confidence that I am the right person to represent them at City Council.", says Corte.

Ward B


Councilman Dowdle served on the Zoning Board of Adjustment before being appointed to the Convention & Tourism Bureau prior to being elected to City Council. He have been in construction and maintenance for 35 years, managing people, projects and budgets. Councilman Dowdle has a history of service in this city, volunteering as a coach, at church, at public events, and at KISD. Councilman Dowdle is finishing up his second term on the City of Katy council and if elected, the third term would be his last due to term limits.


Durran has 30 years experience in the Construction, Operations & Maintenance industry and has been employed by KBR for over 20 years, currently as a Project Manager. He and his wife, Terri, have been married for 34 years. They have two daughters who graduated from Katy High School, and two grandchildren.


Infrastructure upgrades, flood mitigation, communication and customer service

Councilman Dowdle would like to "finish what I started".

Additional Information

Councilman Dowdle is a conservative who cares about the community. "I am independent in thought and think about what is before me.

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Pearson has been appointed by two city mayors to the Planning and Zoning Committee for the City of Katy. During Harvey, his ministry was able to provide personal necessities to the National Guard as well as physical and spiritual help to flood victims. During his career, Pearson have been involved in public budgets, State and Federal grants, internal investigations, and many assets of the public administrative process.


Sam and his wife have been City of Katy residents for 16 years. He was a Sergeant with the Harris County Sheriff's Office for 28 years. After retirement, he joined the Harris County Attorney's Office as a Senior Investigator. In 2013, Sam retired from the Attorney's office to direct a men’s ministry called, Just Man Ministry.


City services, growth, taxes, drainage

The continual upgrading our Police and Fire Departments with equipment and training is a priority. The second area Pearson would be keep a watchful eye on is growth to insure there is not a negative impact on our citizens. As the City grows in commercial and industrial business, as a third priority, Pearson would push for a shift in the tax burden from the residential property owners. His last focus includes an upgrading of our drainage system so the water will flow faster through the city.

Additional Comments

The only property that Pearson owns in the City of Katy is his home and he wants to protect it just like all other residents. Pearson pledges to read everything he votes on and personally visit the site areas concerned. A pubic servant should always be a servant to the public. Pearson says, "I am a conservative with a high regard for Christian Ethical behavior. I have a public administration Master Degree in Criminal Justice Management. One major belief I have is that Common Sense is the highest degree of education."