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Men on Campus Bringing Positive Male Role Models to Katy Schools


September 26. 2018

Jennifer Lynn Greenway

Men on Campus (M.O.C.) is a father involvement initiative with goals of incorporating "positive male role models" and "father figures" into public schools.

(Photo credit...Sam Schultze, Country Park Portraits)

The launch of Men on Campus in Katy ISD in early 2018 has been years in the making. James Strickland recognized a void in male involvement programs, support to start them and maintain the programs in his children's schools and those schools around him.

"After implementing a successful Watch DOGS program at my children's elementary school I was constantly being approached by dads at other schools to help them start one as well", says Strickland.

Strickland reached out to Katy ISD while attending Leadership Katy classes with the process beginning under previous Superintendent Alton Frailey. The idea floated around the administration looking for a home. When a newly hired superintendent, Dr. Lance Hindt, reached out to Strickland offering his full support, the wheels were set in motion. The program found a home through Partners in Education (PIE). Janet Theis reached out to all Katy ISD schools to inform them of the program and evaluate their interest.

The partnership with Katy I.S.D. through Partners in Education (PIE) will enable Men on Campus to reach every school in Katy to assist in streamlining current male engagement programs as well as create new ones.

Primarily M.O.C. utilizes the Watch DOGS program but is willing and able to support any father involvement initiatives with similar goals. Men on Campus is currently working with or supporting 12 schools to get a M.O.C. program started (four Elementary, four Junior High, four High School) with interest continuing to grow.


To get started with a male-based program at your school, contact Men On Campus to get the process started bringing a program to your school.

Contact James Strickland through Facebook, the website or through Janet Theis with Partners in Education Program.

James Strickland hopes to bring this program to all Katy ISD schools and beyond.


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