More Home NYE Parties Expected in Katy, Authorities Stress Fireworks Safety


December 30, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

The end of 2020 is certainly something to celebrate, but Katy authorities remind residents to welcome the New Year in safely.

Photo: Veronica Miko

Driveway Party Concern

COVID-19 protocols will keep many Katy residents home this New Year’s Eve. When home driveways become the setting for family firework shows, it’s crucial to understand the law and how to be safe.

“With no big parties to go to at hotels or anywhere else, there will be a lot more driveway parties,” says soon-to-be Fort Bend County Constable, Precinct 3, Chad Norvell.

Where can residents set off fireworks?

The Katy area includes three counties: Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller. When residents make plans to ring in the New Year, it is important that they know the law for the county in which their house resides.

“If you live outside of a city, which applies to most of what is called the ‘Katy area,’ fireworks are legal,” says Norvell.

Fireworks are strictly forbidden inside the City of Katy limits. The fines range from $25-$200 and adults supervising minors who participate in illegal fireworks will be fined as well.

Fireworks are legal in both Harris and Fort Bend counties (outside of Katy proper). Unless a fire ban has been declared, responsible residents are permitted to set them off in a safe place.

Which fireworks are legal?

Authorities urge residents to only purchase permitted fireworks from reliable vendors.

“We have had inquiries from the community about fireworks being sold from the home,” says Jason Tharp, Division Chief of Community Risk Reduction and Public Information Officer for Harris County. “This is illegal and should be reported to the Fire Marshall’s Office immediately.”