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Multiple Car Break-ins Reported at Katy Cinemark


November 26, 2018

By Natalie Cook Clark

Multiple vehicles were broken into and items stolen while victims watched movies at the Cinemark 19 just off Grand Parkway. Authorities warn car thefts tend to go up during the holiday season so residents should be on alert.

About a dozen or more cars were broken into and had items stolen from the Cinemark 19 theater parking lot on November 21 according to one of the victim's posts on social media. "Our valuables were not in plain sight, we were parked in the 2nd row from the front of Cinemark," said Brandy Williams on a local community forum. "All the cars had windows smashed with glass on the ground and inside vehicles. Whoever did this grabbed what they could get by reaching through the window they just shattered."

Police reports were taken for the investigation of those vehicle break-ins. This is not the first time such crimes have taken place at the theater of the surrounding area. Crimes of this nature tend to increase during the holidays. It's important to take simple measures to limit your chances of being a victim.


Protecting Your Vehicle and Belongings

The Harris County Sheriff's Office shared an informative video on steps you can take to protect your vehicle and belongings.

Step 1: Never leave valuable items in your vehicle especially out in plain sight.

Step 2: Always lock your car and take the keys with you. Unlocked vehicles are often targets.

Step 3: Never hide a spare set of keys in your vehicle. Thieves know where to look.

Step 4: Park in a well lit area or an attended lot.

Step 5: Never leave your vehicle running unattended, even for a minute.

These steps cannot guarantee your protection against thieves this holiday season but they can help limit your chances. Have fun shopping and entertaining this holiday season but stay vigilant and safe.

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