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Katy ISD Appoints Paul Moussavi as Beckendorff Junior High Principal


June 28, 2019

By Anne Lee

This fall, Beckendorff Junior High students, teachers and staff members will start the school year with a new principal. Long-time Katy ISD educator and administrator, Paul Moussavi was appointed to his new post by Superintendent Ken Gregorski.

On June 25th, Katy ISD superintendent Ken Gregorski appointed Paul Moussavi as the new principal of Beckendorff Junior High beginning with the 2019-2020 school year.

Continuing the Traditions

“I am excited to continue the existing traditions with the Beckendorff Bears and to also create new unforgettable opportunities for our students," said Paul Moussavi, new principal for BDJH. "I have a deep understanding of how to educate a student from pre-kindergarten all the way to their senior year. I look forward to creating a bright future for those who walk our halls," added Moussavi.

Moussavi with Campus Teacher of the Year and Rookie Teacher of the Year. Photo: Twitter

Moving Up the Ranks Moussavi comes to Beckendorff with 19 years experience, all from Katy ISD schools. He began his teaching career at Mayde Creek Elementary in 2000 as a Kindergarten teacher and then decided to teach 5th grade. Moussavi’s next career move took him to Franz Elementary where he became assistant principal, and in 2007, he was named assistant principal of Beckendorff Junior High. There, he spent five years as a Beckendorff bear before becoming an assistant principal for Seven Lakes High School. In 2016, Moussavi was named principal of West Memorial Elementary. However, for the 2019-2020 school year he will head back to Beckendorff Junior High as their new principal. Ted Vierling, who was head principal of Seven Lakes High School while Moussavi was assistant principal encouraged Moussavi by saying, “You will do a good job. Home again!”

Moussavi's Background

Paul Moussavi served in the United States Army where he learned many essential leadership skills. He received his Associates of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts from Alfred University in New York, and went on to receive his principal certification from the University of Houston in Clear Lake.

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