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Popular Katy Park Opens Restrooms


October 19, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

The popular Exploration Park in Cinco Ranch now has restrooms available to the public. The new facilities will be maintained with a strict cleaning schedule to ensure the public’s safety.

Exploration Park Opened in 2015

Exploration Park, an immersive public playground, is located just south of Creech Elementary along the north side of Willow Fork Drainage District’s Diversion Channel. Since the park opened in 2015, it has been very popular among Katy moms.

“The Board of Directors of Willow Fork Drainage District recognized the need for a bathroom at Exploration Park,” says Wendy Duncan, President of the Board of Directors for Willow Fork Drainage District (WFDD). “We also sought input from community members who deemed it important.”

“We love Exploration Park,” says Sharla Myers. “A bathroom is helpful since we don’t live close by and my kids are younger.”

Duncan recalls her days of being a young mom and how the moms in her group would bring portable potties in the back of the SUVs when attending parks without bathrooms.

“As a mom of three boys, I remember taking them to the parks without bathrooms when they were little,” says Duncan. “Having a bathroom on site is a huge blessing, especially during potty training.”

Biking trails along Exploration Park were recently expanded so the addition of bathrooms will also serve area bikers and pedestrians. The new public facilities will be cleaned two to three times a day based on use.

The park aims to educate children through play in environmental stewardship and educational principles with an overall theme inspired by water.

In addition to innovative and nature-inspired play structures, visitors enjoy an interactive water cycle wall that creates a hands-on experience. Educational signage encourages water conservation.

The park also offers a multipurpose play area with an open lawn and a covered pavilion with picnic tables.

WFDD added a 48-car parking lot to the park in 2016 to alleviate parking traffic on the street due to the park’s popularity.

Katy mom Chancie Davis says, “So exciting to have such a fantastic park always getting updates and improvements from Willow Fork Drainage District.”

Exploration Park is open during daytime hours. Reservations are not accepted for the pavilion and it is available at a first come, first served basis.


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