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See Historic Train in Katy During Special Visit


January 11, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

Later this week marks 125 years of the Katy MKT Train Depot and a special treat rolled into Katy in the early hours to celebrate the occasion.

Photo credit: Katy Heritage Society

To celebrate the occasion, the Katy Heritage Society board has worked countless hours to try and bring even more Katy history into town this week. At around 4:00 a.m. this morning the locomotive affectionately referred to as the Katy rolled into town. It is numbered 1988 to reflect the year the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad joined Union Pacific and this is the second time it has made it our city.

“The Katy Heritage Society wanted something exciting that represents pride, heritage and hard work to help kick off the celebration of our depots 125th birthday,” says Katy Heritage Society president Adrienne Davitz. “What better way than a heritage locomotive from Union Pacific that displays the words proud heritage, powerful future on it!”

Find the Train on highway 90

The locomotive is currently parked at on the Highway 90 railroad tracks will remain there hopefully until Saturday (when the MKT Dept celebrates it’s 125th birthday.)

The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, affectionately referred to as the Katy, was created in 1865. By the time it joined Union Pacific, the Katy served six midwestern states with more than 3,377 miles of track. It was an important north-south link between the Midwest and Texas, especially for the growing coal business.

This historic locomotive was commissioned in 2005 and has only made it into Katy, Texas two times.

While Katy families are encouraged to visit, they must follow rules. Remain 25 feet away from the engine at all times and no one is allowed to climb on the train.

There is currently no confirmed departure date for the locomotive, so families are encouraged to visit it soon.

“It took our Board President 8 months, dozens of email strings, countless phone calls to bring this to Katy,” says Davitz.

Katy is full of history and families are asked to donate to The Katy Heritage Society to ensure future events.


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