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Senior Living Center to Replace Former Katy Hospital


May 8, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

An upscale senior center will soon replace the old Katy Memorial Herman Hospital on Kingsland Boulevard. Construction is set to resume after some pandemic related setbacks. The building has been abandoned since 2012 and hopes to open this November.

Photo credit: Stephen Clark

State-of-the-Art Senior Living Center Coming Soon

The former Memorial Hermann Hospital at 25600 Kingsland Boulevard will once again bustle with activity as construction takes over the area getting it ready for the November opening of “Vibrant Senior Living,” a state-of-the-art- senior living center.

“The City has been working with them for a while,” says Chris Harris, City of Katy Mayor Pro Tem. “It will be great to have the building reoccupied, vibrant and not an eyesore.”

In addition to medication, laundry services and a dining hall, the assisted living center will offer upscale amenities to really help guests feel extra such as- a beauty salon, massage center, library, chapel, fitness center, snack shop, and family theater.

A redesign of the area will also include an outdoor garden and space for residents to enjoy nature.

“Vibrant Senior Living” will be home to 94 residents close to Katy favorites like Katy Mills Mall and the upcoming Katy Boardwalk.

A Bad Trip to the ER

Katy residents are anxious for the dilapidated building that looks more like a set piece to the Walking Dead each day to turn into something the City can be proud of again, but some want the building transformation to wipe away more than weeds and neglect.

As a child, Kelly Andrews experienced a painful run with a fellow classmate at the Katy Elementary School playground in the 80’s. Her friend’s tooth sliced through Kelly’s face and she was rush to the old Katy Memorial Hermann hospital ER to be sewn back up.

“Three days later my face was completely swollen up with infection coming through my stitches,” says Andrews. Her mom called her pediatrician, was shocked that the ER doctor hadn’t prescribed her any antibiotics.

“I was taken into my doctor and my entire face was infected and if it had been another 24 hours, it would have spread to the brain killed me,” says Andrews.

She spent 3 days in the ICU and then multiple days at home before she could return to Katy Elementary School.

“When I pull into the general vicinity of that horrible medical establishment, I have flashbacks,” says Andrew.

Harris believes the project is on track.

Katy continues to grow. It recorded an 84% increase in a 10-year study.



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