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State Rep Mike Schofield Seeks Reelection, Endorsed by Governor Abbott

Republican Mike Schofield has served two terms at the Texas Capitol representing District 132 (Katy and Cy-Fair), and announced over the weekend that he has been endorsed by Governor Greg Abbott for reelection.


December 11, 2017

Ashley Lancaster

Below is an excerpt from his letter to Katy and Cypress residents:

"It has been a great honor to represent our neighbors in Katy and Cypress at the Texas Capitol as your member of the Texas House of Representatives. In order to continue fighting for our shared values in Austin, I have filed to run for reelection and hope to have your support for a third term in the Texas House.

During my two terms in office, I have passed bills to mandate that lawsuits affecting the school finance system are heard by a three-judge panel rather that by one liberal judge in Austin (to ensure that views of the rest of Texas are heard), protect the integrity of our elections by allowing the attorney general to go after organizations that conspire to commit election fraud, increase funding for non-profit groups providing counseling for alternatives to abortion, and I successfully sponsored an amendment to the state constitution to ensure that your vote counts and that laws enacted by the representatives you elected are not thrown out in court without the attorney general having a chance to defend them.

Most recently, I have been instrumental in the drive to ensure that the Republican caucus nominates a candidate for speaker, to prevent the minority party from conspiring with a few breakaway Republicans to pick a speaker beholden to the party the voters did not choose to give control of the House.

Recognizing the work that I have done to fight for conservative Texas values, Governor Greg Abbott announced yesterday that he is endorsing me for reelection so I can continue to work with him to enact a meaningful cap on state spending, reform the property tax system to provide relief to homeowners and business owners, protect property owners from wrongful annexation by cities they don't want to live in, and continue to make Texas the best state in the nation in which to live and do business.

If you haven't seen the video of Governor Abbott's endorsement, you can find it here:

I intend to continue to keep you informed on what your legislature is working on so you can weigh in before the legislature takes action, when your views can affect how your government is run. And I intend to continue to work hard to ensure that your voice is heard in Austin.

I hope I can continue to earn your support."


Quote from Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

"Mike Schofield is a conservative through and through, having demonstrated his commitment to education reform and lowering taxes as a member of the Texas House,” said Governor Abbott. “The constituents of House District 132 have been well represented by Mike over the last few years, and they can be assured that this trend will continue upon his re-election. That is why I am proud to endorse Mike for another term in the Texas House of Representatives.”


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