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Stranger Danger Alert Near Taylor High School


April 18, 2018

Katrina Katsarelis

The Katy ISD police is warning parents and students about a recent stranger danger incident. Police are cautioning parents after a Taylor High School female student was approached by a man on her way to school. The student said the man insisted on giving her a ride.The student says she was walking along Kingsland Boulevard Tuesday morning when an older Hispanic man in a tan truck asked if she needed a ride.

The student said she told him "no," but that he wouldn't give up. The man drove off, then came back around and asked her if she needed a ride again. She called her mother and stayed on the phone with her until she made it to the school safely.

The student said he was driving an older model tan Chevy pickup truck and described the man as hispanic, in his 40s or 50s with slicked black hair, gray facial hair and wearing a black T-shirt and navy blue pants. If you have information about this case, please contact the Katy ISD Police Department.


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