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Texas Borders Celebrates 25 Years of Serving Katy; Witness to Katy Growth


November 23, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Texas Borders in Katy will celebrate 25 years of service this week and has enjoyed watching Katy grow with them. The popular grill and bar will host a celebration Wednesday.

Photo courtesy: Texas Borders

Texas Borders Bar and Grill (20940 Katy Freeway) opened on Black Friday 1996. The popular restaurant is known for great food, live music, where Katyites and guests can always find a fun time.

“I picked Katy because I loved the community and had just purchased my very first home off of Fry Road in 1995,” says Texas Borders owner Kellie Messer.

Texas Borders owner Kellie Messer

Messer had been working for the Houston location for 10 years when she started to think about opening her own restaurant in Katy.

“I thought it would be awesome to have a local grill & bar where friends could gather locally and "new" friends could be made,” says Messer.

Texas Borders has always been involved in the community through sponsoring countless local sports teams, organizations and businesses. They have also provided meals to local hospitals, law enforcement, and first responders.

“Currently charities dear to our heart are the Ballard House in which we have fed 30-60 people every month for the past 3 years. We have also support Fulshear Family Hope & Krause School for Girls,” says Messer.

Witness to Katy’s Growth

Texas Borders and Messer have witnessed the great growth of Katy over the past 25 years.

“I can remember when there were no chain restaurants in Katy just Texas Borders's on Fry, a few places on Mason Road and old Highway 90 and Mo's Place of course,” says Messer. “These day's we share the spotlight with many great restauranteurs locally that we support whole-heartedly.”

Getting Through Hard Times

Like all local businesses, Texas Borders saw some hard years.

“The first hardest time would be the very first few years when we were trying to get established,” says Messer. “I would go in the Kroger parking lot soliciting people to come in with free chips n salsa. I knew if I could get them to come in and dine, they would feel the warmth and love not to mention great food from around the Border's that we serve.”

Those were difficult days as Home Depot was being build and the city blocked traffic right in front of the restaurant. Messer describes the fear when they didn’t have customers sometimes for days.

“Another difficult time was when we lost our lease after 14 years and had to find a new location and we had to find a new location in a matter of weeks,” says Messer. This was how their current Westgreen location was born, which still is going strong.

Photo courtesy: Texas Borders

Of course, the pandemic greatly impacted the restaurant industry and many businesses didn’t make it.

“Shutting down and going to strictly "to go " darn near killed us and knowing I could lose everything that I had built and worked for was very stressful,” says Messer. “Not only for me but my employees as well.”

Fortunately, Texas Borders made it through the shutdown.

“We not only had to work harder, we had to reinvent the business,” says Messer.

Opened a Second Location in Richmond

Texas Borders expanded and opened a Richmond location 5 years ago. Messer says that opening that second location was a great moment.

“We were accepted with open arms and continue to serve the Fulshear/Richmond/Katy communities,” says Messer. “It really opened my eyes to what my staff and I had built over the years.”

Join the 25 Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate 25 years of serving Katy at Texas Borders Bar and Grill (Westgreen location) tomorrow, Wednesday November 24 from 7:30p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Many of the Texas Borders staff have been with them for over 10 years, some for over 15 and a few for over 20.

After 25 years with Texas Borders and 35 years in the restaurant industry, Messer is looking forward to slowing down a bit and traveling with her family.

“Of course, until crawfish season hits, then it's all hands-on deck,” says Messer, “including myself!”


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