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The Arc of Katy to Move to a Larger Facility; Expanding Programs to Meet Demand


September 20, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

The Arc of Katy, a nonprofit organization that offers programs for those with intellectual and development disabilities, will move to a new and larger facility this January. The building will allow them to expand their programing and continue to meet the growing need as the Katy community continues to develop

Visiting the construction site for The Arc of Katy's new facility are, shown from left, Brandon Garlock of Garlock Construction, LLC,; Sandi Dancel, The Arc of Katy day programs coordinator; Fred Shafer, president of The Arc of Katy; Cherie Duddridge, president-elect of The Arc of Katy; and Marie Tsakaris, community volunteer and property manager.

The Arc of Katy to get a New Facility

The Arc of Katy will move to their new facility located at 934 Jordan Ranch Blvd. in January, The larger, purpose-built space will enable to organization to grow their services and programs they bring to the people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families.

More Opportunities for More Participants

“When we relocate to the new facility, The Arc of Katy will be able to enroll and provide opportunities for more participants in our day programs for adults and teens with IDD,” says Fred Shafer, president of The Arc of Katy Board of Directors.

The Arc of Katy has been providing opportunities for local people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) for 30 years. Although modifications had to be made to their programs during the ongoing pandemic, they kept serving the community and making a difference in people’s lives.

“The new building is about twice the square footage that we currently lease; includes more activity, meeting, office and storage; and offers flexibility for potential future expansion,” says Shafer.

Garlock Construction, LLC is designing the new facility and managing construction. The new facility is in its final stages of construction and is being facilitated by community volunteer and property manager Marie Tsakiris and her family.

“As a nonprofit organization, we greatly appreciate their generosity as use of the facility will help us sustainably deliver high quality, accessible and affordable opportunities for more people with intellectual and developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorders,” says Shafer.

Launching Campaign to Furnish Facility

The Arc of Katy Board of Directors is launching a $90,000 capital campaign this month to furnish the new facility.

“Our volunteers and staff are focused on creating spaces inside the building and on the surrounding property that are comfortable, healthy, safe, and enjoyable for our participants,” says Shafer.

According to Shafer the programs such as those offered by the Arc of Katy continue to grow as the community’s overall population grows and as area schools continue to attract families interested in high-quality education and special needs programs.

The capital campaign is focused on securing grants, donations and in-kind contributions in 2021-2022 for furniture, appliances, security and audiovisual equipment, storage units, fencing and landscaping.

“We believe all people deserve to be included as respected, active members of our community at all stages of their lives,” says Shafer. “The new facility will serve as an enduring center for learning, skills development, social enrichment, recreation and community service.”

Learn More at Annual Meeting

Additional plans will be provided at The Arc of Katy Annual General Membership Meeting tomorrow at Parkway Fellowship (5819 10th St.) 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The meeting is open to the public and will also be available virtually.

The Arc of Katy offers both in-person and virtual programing, summer camps, and more programs for teens and adults with IDD and not in high school.

The Arc of Katy essentially began in 1989 with a group of Katy ISD staff and parents of students with IDDs. Their meeting led to founding the organization and the development of programs that help many Katy families.

Learn more about the Katy nonprofit and their mission at their website.


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