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TikTok Trend Linked to Theft in Katy Schools


September 21, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD is falling victim to the latest TikTok “trend” that has students stealing from their schools as part of a challenge. The District stresses that anyone participating will face disciplinary consequences.

TikTok Removes Viral Video Challenging Student to Steal from Schools

TikToK removed the video last week, but that damage is still done. A video shared widely on the social media platform has led many students to steal or damage school property, often from the bathroom.

Katy Parents Report Bathrooms Being Shut Down

Katy mom, Natalie Zalesky says she first heard about the “challenge” from her twins who attend Mayde Creek Junior High.

“The bathrooms are shut down, but I didn’t ask details about what that means because the students’ still need to use restrooms,” says Zalesky.

Parents and teachers have taken to social media to share tales of stolen bathroom mirrors, soap dispensers, and more.

“It’s happening at my kids’ school,” says Katy mom Jenn Engler. “I got the email from the administration saying as much and my kid said the bathrooms are locked and things are missing.”

Katy ISD is Aware of the Issue

Katy ISD says that they are aware of the concern. “Students who engage in such types of activities face disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Katy ISD Discipline Management and Student Code of Conduct,” the District says in a statement.

TikTok confirmed last Wednesday that it had banned content around the “devious licks” trend. The trend encouraged students to post videos of supplies that they supposedly stole from schools.

The video popped up last month called “devious licks.” Even though the video is down, parents need to talk to their students. These acts are criminal acts and not "challenges." According to Katy ISD disciplinary actions will be taken.

According to TikTok, that kind of content violates its community guidelines and that is why it was deleted.

“Teenagers are out of control,” says Engler. “They think this is ok, who does this?”


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