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Tompkins HS Rising Star Max Diaz


January 24, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy’s rising star, Max Diaz will perform a free concert Friday night in Central Green Park in LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch. See how the town has inspired this Tompkins High School student.

Tompkins Sophomore Growing a Strong Musical Following

15-year-old Max Diaz is a singer/songwriter with over 70K followers listening to his music. The Katy native has attended WoodCreek and Davidson elementaries, Tays Junior High, and is currently s a sophomore at Tompkins High School.

Started with an 8th Grade Talent Show

Diaz’s musical journey began when he first picked up a guitar at 9 years old. He then learned to play the piano and ukulele. He first showcased his talents when he performed a song at the 8th grade talent show at Tays Junior High.

Inspired By Various Artists and His Father

Diaz says he's been inspired by a mix of artists, but has found his own sound.

“I listen to alternative rock musicians such as Nirvana, Foofighters, Mac DeMarco as well as Tam Impala,” says Diaz. “I am inspired by my father. I was separated from my biological father at age 5 and we both have connected through music in recent times. Through his passion it motivates me.”

Over 70K Spotify Followers

Diaz has been performing now for over a year. He writes and produces all of his music and has been putting out albums for three years.

Diaz released his first track "Love You So" on April 16, 2018. The song which gained success by obtaining over 18K listens and shares. His latest Album "Again" is now on all streaming services and has reached 70K monthly listeners on Spotify.

"I've been listening to Max's music since he first started out, putting songs out only on SoundCloud," says Katy High School sophomore Sophie Barroso. "He has become one of my top artists and I'm super proud of what he creates. I can't wait to see more from him."

True to Katy Roots

Diaz loves Katy and loves hanging out in the historic Old Katy at Limited Edition Art, a local antique shop that also serves as a record store. He also enjoys hanging at friends' houses.

Recently, Diaz performed at at Katy Elks Lodge, where over 400 guests attended.

"The last gig he played, the crowd was great, just a bunch of people who love music coming and jamming out," says Barroso. "People came to support him and his passion. It's amazing he can bring people together and share his feelings on stage."

Advice for Young Katy Musicians

Diaz enjoys inspiring others through his musical journey.

“If you want to get in the music industry you need to learn your instrument and stay dedicated to creating your own sound,” says Diaz. “Market yourself utilizing social media and work tirelessly to putting out music that can connect with your audience."

Diaz also loves writing music.

“I dive into all the software and sound instruments and play around until I connect with a song, then I apply lyrics that feel right.”

A Proud Mom

"I'm extremely proud," says his mom, Staci Mckinnon. "I love watching him live out his dreams.

For More on Max

Diaz performs tonight, Friday January 24 at a free concert at Katy's Central Green Park at LaCenterra in Cinco Ranch. The show starts at 7 p.m.

Diaz has several shows coming up. To learn more about Max Diaz and his upcoming events, visit his website. Visit Spotify to hear Max's music.


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