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Top 10 Comfort Food Dishes in Katy, Texas

With home repairs, daily traffic woes, and the lingering frustrations of Hurricane Harvey still affecting Katy families, finding a way to relieve the stress can be tough. Take some small comfort in these warm and wonderful dishes.

KATY MAGAZINE | October 2017 Ashley Lancaster


Chicken Pot Pie | Kay's Tea Parlour

A quaint, quiet, traditional tea shop in historic downtown Katy, Kay's is known for their outstanding chicken pot pie. It's got just the right mixture of heart chicken and veggies, all cocooned in a buttery, flaky crust.


Aussie Fries | Outback Steakhouse

Golden brown french fries served on a hot skillet and positively swimming in Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese and bacon bits and served with tangy house-made ranch dressing.


Kitka French Toast | Peli Peli

The sweet, comforting dish you crave with a creative twist. Fresh-baked brioche, passion fruit cream, (yeah, it's as amazing as it sounds) fresh berries, and Lyle's golden syrup.


The Jose Burger | Texas Borders Bar & Grill Photo by Anetrius Wallace

Stay on the sunny side of life with a good, old fashioned burger, topped with a perfectly fried egg, homemade salsa, and creamy queso.


Seafood Gumbo | Orleans Seafood Kitchen

Hearty chunks of shrimp and crawfish over white rice in a savory, slightly spicy broth and served with buttery garlic bread.


Chicken & Biscuits | Dish Society

Cage-free chicken fried to crisp perfection, placed on fresh buttermilk biscuits, and topped with house-made white gravy.


Tacos | Torchy's Tacos

#TacoTuesday is world-wide social media movement for a reason, and some say no one does tacos like Torchy's. Favorites are the "Trailer Park", "Crossroads" and "The Democrat". Pictured: Baja Shrimp.


Baked Potato |Midway BBQ

Photo by Melinda Feild

Checkered table cloths, friendly smiles, and a whopping baked potato are just what the doctor ordered after a rough day. Midway's monster spuds are stuffed with tender brisket and all the fix-ins and topped with barbecue sauce. Dig in.


Lasagna | Hasta La Pasta A comforting Italian favorite! Seasoned ground beef tucked between layers of handmade lasagna, tangy tomato sauce, and a creamy trio of cheeses.


Mac & Cheese | Luby's We all know it, we all love it. Macaroni and cheese is foolproof feel-better food, and readers say that there's just something about Luby's recipe that makes any rough day better.

ASHLEY LANCASTER is the digital editor for Katy Magazine who swears by the healing powers of Luby's mac.

What's your go-to comfort food dish? Tell us in the comments!


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