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Two Katy ISD Bonds Fail to Pass in Yesterday’s Election


November 8, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

The results are in and Katy voters passed two of the four Katy ISD Bond Programs. Another big item approved will help residents with property taxes.

Katy ISD's Rhodes Stadium. Photo credit: KISD

Two of Four Katy ISD Bond Propositions Pass

Katy ISD Bond Programs Propositions A and B passed in yesterday’s election. The Districts 2023 Bond package was broken into 4 parts. Propositions C and D did not pass.

“These results reflect the trust and confidence Katy ISD voters have placed in our schools. With our community’s support of over 95% of the 2023 bond program, we are strategically positioned to deliver continued student improvement in safe and up to date learning environments, all while experiencing tremendous growth,” says Dr. Ken Gregorski, Superintendent of Schools.

What Passed and What Didn't

Proposition A is for a total of $722,992,054. This package includes 4 new schools, purchase of school sites, 26 renovations and expansions for aging campuses, 85 safety and security upgrades, buses, and 61 building component replacements.

Proposition B is for a total of $83,567,360. It is for Districtwide classroom and campus technology.

Proposition C, which didn’t pass was for upgrades to a Districtwide natatorium and component replacements. Proposition D, which also didn’t pass, would have resulted in the renovations to Districtwide athletic facilities and Rhodes Stadium.

“Our staff and campuses remain steadfast in fulfilling our commitment to Katy students and families. We wish to express our deep gratitude to our community for their support,” says Gregorski.

Help on the Way for Texas Property Taxes

Another election result that will greatly impact Katy residents is the passing of Proposition 4. This $18 billion property tax-cut package will lover school district property taxes, which makes up a lot of the Texas landowner’s property tax bill.

“This is a big help for the residents in all of Texas,” says Katy realtor Kerris Schultz with Keller Williams Premier Realty. “It will increase your homestead exemption and take the appraised value you’re taxed on from $40K to $100K, specifically for the school taxing authority.”

Schultz says that she knows Katy residents have expressed concern with it impacting the schools.

“With the massive amount of appreciation Texas has seen in the last 3 years, I do not see that as an issue,” says Schultz.

According to Schultz, the typical appreciation for the Houston area is 5% and that is the same for the state. 2021 saw a 13% increase and 10% in 2022, and that is just looking at Houston.

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