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Katy Flood Photo Pictorial

August 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey 2017

Katy Magazine News - Katy, TX

Thank you Katy for sharing all of your flood photos! Email your photos here.


Grand Lakes Evacuees (photo by John Glaser)


Beck Junior High, S. Mason Rd.

Katy High Schoo


Snappy's in Old Katy (photo by Frances Ohanenye)


Animal rescues


Broadstone apartments in Katy


Firethorne Entrance


National Guard Assisted Evacuation


Family evacuation (photo by John Glaser)


Kingsland Blvd. Evacuation


Merrell Center interior


Fawnlake in Old Katy


Fry and Saums Rd.

More evacuees (photo by John Glaser)


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