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Woman Followed at Randalls on Fry Suspects Possible Sex Trafficker


October 4, 2017

The following is a post from a Katy area woman in her 20's and her experience at Randalls just off I-10 and Fry last night at 10 PM

EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!!!! I was at Randall's off of fry and i10 and as I was walking up a short Hispanic guy in a bright blue hoodie and shorts about 5'6 (dark hair) was sitting on the curb and when he saw me he popped up and followed me in the store.

He followed me a foot away for about 2 minutes. He mirrored me the entire time. I walked up to the Redbox in the store and he was right behind me and I looked at him and gave him a mean mug face but he stayed.

Then I walked to another aisle and he followed me behind the registers to get where I was. He looked like he was on a mission because he wasn't trying to be nonchalant.

I walked to the front and yelled "CAN SOMEONE WALK ME TO MY CAR, THIS GUY RIGHT HERE (I pointed) IN THE BLUE SWEATSHIRT IS FOLLOWING ME"! The employee walked me all the way to my car and the guy stayed in the store and stared me down.

Please don't go anywhere alone at night unless you are with someone. That parking lot is HORRIBLE!!! Sex Trafficking is no joke!!! Praise God that I'm ok. I'm so glad that I was blunt about it so hopefully it scared him and the guy that he was working with in the parking lot to kidnap people.

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