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Media Tour Reveals Overcrowding at Seven Lakes Junior High


Janelle Williams

October 25, 2017

Katy Magazine was invited to attend the media tour on Tuesday, October 24 to see the overcrowded conditions of Seven Lakes Junior High first hand.

Over two dozen portables and other challenges

According to the Seven Lakes Junior High Principal, Dr. Medrano, the school has 28 portable (T-buildings) serving as classrooms. This presents many challenges including staff needed to monitor, safety of getting to and from the buildings, limited access to the restrooms, and the noise level in each classroom from the air conditioning system and other environmental factors.

Currently at 1925 students and built for 1400

The school was built to service 1400 students, yet has a current population of 1925 students and growing each year. With the tremendous overcrowding students must be on 2 bell systems and 6 lunch rotations, starting at 9:55.

More schools needed to meet growing population

The bond will be used to build one high school, two junior highs, and three elementary schools along with renovations at existing schools, improving safety, technology, and buses throughout the district. Currently most of the Junior High Schools in the district are at or above capacity, which results in students having to attend classes in T-buildings.

No increased tax rates

If the bond passes, there will be no increased tax rate for the residents within the Katy ISD as the housing growth and increased home values continue. At the current time, Katy ISD is 65% built out and expects to see an additional 21,000 students from the new housing in the area. As Bond Committee Member and Katy ISD parent, Shani Matheson, pointed out: “In Texas to build new schools, one must have a bond passed and voted upon by those within the district.”

Early voting is: October 25- Nov 3, election day is November 7, 2017. See the list of early voting locations here

To learn more about the bond or find out about a community meeting visit

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