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Man Arrested in Katy for Uber Bank Heist Moving to Halfway House


January 23, 2018

By Katrina Katsarelis

On December 28, 2017, a Fort Bend County deputy pulled over Deante Gibson, 40, in Katy for a traffic violation and learned he had a federal warrant issued for bank robbery.

On September 27. 2017, Gibson was accused of taking an Uber to rob a bank in Wilsonville, Oregon. The robber received nearly $3,300 from two tellers after showing one of them a note demanding $100,000, the complaint said. "I really need the money, they have my kids," Gibson told one teller. The Uber driver claimed he didn't know a robbery was in progress but was suspicious when he took a blue duffel bag into the bank. At some point during the ride, the driver took a photo of Gibson because of his concerns. During the ride, Gibson used his real first name, asked to be driven around to handle some errands, and offered to pay in cash. Instead of using the Uber app, Gibson flagged down the Uber driver in Portland and offered to pay in cash.

Gibson told the driver during the 45-minute drive that he had three children and was from Houston. The driver told investigators that Gibson claimed he and a friend won the lottery in Japan and he needed to pick up the money from the bank to buy a car. Gibson handed the driver $100 cash and was taken back to Portland and dropped off. The driver last saw Gibson walking into a Fred Meyer store. Later, the investigators located a blue duffel bag abandoned in the store's bathroom. Authorities used the Uber driver's photo, surveillance footage, and items with Gibson's name on them left behind in the duffel bag to identify him. The duffel bag had a piece of paper with Gibson's name on it, several pairs of barber clippers, business cards, and other items, the complaint said.

Gibson was previously convicted of theft in 2007 and Criminal Mischief in 2005 in Harris County. Gibson appeared in U.S. District Court in Portland and is scheduled to move today from jail to the Northwest Regional Re-Entry Center with conditions that include abstaining from drugs and alcohol and not traveling outside the state without permission.

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