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Katy Clinic Owner Sentenced to Federal Prison for $5.9 million Medicare Scheme


November 10, 2018

by Ariana Pezeshki

47-year-old Joy Aneke of Katy was sentenced to three years of federal prison charged with billing patients for unnecessary medical tests and procedures not necessary to be performed. U.S. District Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt demanding Aneke pay $2.76 million in restitution to the federal health care program.

Fraudulent Mastermind Katy resident and clinic owner, Joy Aneke was the mastermind behind a $5.9 million Medicare fraud after pleading guilty to billing patients for unnecessary medical tests and procedures and health care fraud at Jadac Unique Health Services, Almeda Physicians Clinic and, Community Joyful Home Health that located in Harris and Fort Bend Counties.

Unlicensed Doctor Sentenced

Aneke was sentenced to three years federal prison and $2.76 million in restitution to the federal health care program. Along with an unlicensed doctor working as a Physician’s Assistant known as “Dr. Ted” was also sentenced to three years on probation and six months of electronic ion monitoring.

Her alleged physician assistant, Teodoro Seminario aka Dr. Ted, and the manager of the Jadac Clinic, Maureen Henshall all charged with the conspiracy. The indictment also charges the three with health care fraud for filing false claims with Medicare for never-performed or not medically-necessary procedures.

Falsifying Records

Aneke was also charged with two counts of money laundering and three counts of aggravated identity theft. As part of her plea, Aneke admitted she directed co-defendant Maureen Henshall, 62, to "falsify patient records at the clinic by adding tests and procedures that were not performed and/or were not medically necessary in order to increase the reimbursements that the clinics received from Medicare."

The criminal charges are the result of a joint investigation conducted by Department of Health and Human Services-Office of Inspector General and Homeland Security Investigations. Assistant U.S. Attorney Al Balboni is prosecuting the case.


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