Katy High School Grad James McCoy Taylor Releases First Studio Album


January 30, 2019

by Ariana Pezeshki

Bachelorette alumni, and Katy's own James McCoy Taylor, 31, releases his first studio album on his own terms, rejecting Entertainment Labels in Nashville that wanted to change his image.

Courtesy of James McCoy Taylor

Releasing an Album on His Terms “Good to be Back Here With Y’all” by James McCoy Taylor is a 10 song album released January 10, 2019 under JM Entertainment. The album is important to James for many reasons, including the fact that he created his own label to stay true to his roots and beliefs. With the backing of the Eagle Road Partner, he was able to write an album about anything and everything, without restrictions from other big entertainment labels.

"The very first label I met with in Nashville wanted me to change my name to James McCoy. Totally drop my last name because it was too close to the other James Taylor," James says.

"It’s not like I thought that was a terrible idea - it was more the way they pitched it. Like even my name and who I was didn’t really matter - we could just flippantly change anything if it boosted sales."

Back to the Basics

After passing up big opportunities and offers from Entertainment Labels in Nashville, James began to wonder if turning down those offers would cost him the only shot he might have to make it in the music industry. "Others told me I couldn’t talk about religion or politics on Twitter, at shows, etc.” James realized remaining true to who he is was more important than a record deal. "It’s essential for kids these days to have people talking about real life and real issues," James says. "Not avoiding the hard subjects because it may offend someone."

Always proud of his decision not to sell out, James decided to move back to Texas to get back to the basics of his love for writing and music.

Remaining True to Katy Roots

A graduate of Katy High School, James played football for the Tigers under coaches Johnston and Joseph. One day in the locker room someone said, ‘Hey, you’re pretty good,” after hearing James belt out Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ in the Katy High Locker room. That was it. From that moment, James continued to sing, learned to play guitar, and polished his talent. “When people hear my songs, I want them to feel what I felt when I wrote it,” he says. “I want my heart to be heard.”

James persevered to make his album his way. He wrote and sang every song along with his brother John Taylor, also a Katy High School grad, who sang harmonies on the album. Making the album even more of a Katy affair, James enlisted the help of Katy High School football teammate and friend, Ahiezer Covarrubias, who goes by the name DJ Ace1, produced the album.

One of the biggest struggles James had while recording the album was setting time aside to write about 15 songs for the album. "Finding the time to record them all and record them right," James says. "Especially when we recorded in Katy, Houston, Dallas and Nashville. Then you think you’re done but after listening to what you think is the final product a few times... you change your mind and want to take a song or two off and try another."

The Bachelorette James says becoming a Contestant on The Bachelorette was a whirlwind and a bit of a surprise. When James saw a number from LA pop up on his phone, he figured it was one of his California friends checking in. “It was a woman from ABC’s The Bachelorette asking if I was expecting this call and my jaw dropped,” he recalls. Come to find out, his friend Marcus had signed him up.

James has received support on his album release from other contestants from the show, like popular Bachelor alum, Wells Adams. "He hates country music but he loves mine (probably mostly because he’s a great friend), says James. He has a lot of pull in that world though and has been kind enough to help a lot!"

Katy Magazine interviewed James about his Bachelorette experience in 2016. You can read the article in full here.

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