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Katy Woman Dies After Being Struck by Car on Kingsland


February 7, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Update: 68-year-old Leslie Trayers, the woman struck by a vehicle on Kingsland Boulevard last Thursday has died. Trayers was hit by a car while walking her dog along Kingsland Boulevard near Fry Road and the back entrance to Second Baptist Church. She was life flighted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the medical center where she was admitted in critical condition.

“A 42-year-old female was operating her Jeep Grand Cherokee northbound on Chisel Point Drive, stopped at the stop sign, and turned left on Kingsland Boulevard,” said a statement from the Sheriff’s Office. “The front end of the Jeep struck the complainant (Trayers) and her dog as she walked across the intersection.”

Investigators say Trayers “failed to yield the right of way to vehicular traffic on the roadway.”

Life Flight at Kingsland

The accident occurred at 7:10 a.m. Thursday at 19499 Kingsland Boulevard near Fry Road and the Katy Freeway. Life flight was called to take the injured woman to a hospital. Her dog passed away.

Local Nurse to the Rescue

Nurse practitioner Rachael Tootle was the first medically trained professional on the scene according to her statement on the Neighborhood App. "I sat with her and prayed for her. I assessed her and watched her carefully until EMS got there. I made sure no one moved her or touched her or took pictures," says Tootle. "I dug in her bag and found a phone that the police helped me find allergies, family numbers, and medical information on."

Update Medical Information

Tootle took to social media to urge people to update contact information and medical information in the medical app on their phone. In the case of an accident this information is crucial to first responders. "Even if you are just going for a walk carry your ID with you," says Tootle. "Your phone is locked. How do I know who you are?" She also suggested that dogs get the same treatment. "If your dog is blind or diabetic please tag it as such."

Driver Cooperating with Police

"The driver was cooperating with police when I left," says Tootle. "She was hysterical. I can't imagine what she is feeling."

Steve Davis, a Green Trails resident who was taking his daughter to school saw the accident about 10 minutes after it occurred. "The woman and her dog were both laying on the ground," says Davis. "The woman was face down."

No Charges for Driver

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed this morning that the victim is alive but remains in critical condition. "The driver remained at the scene and no charges have been filed at this time," says Gonzalez.

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