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Low Cost Microchip Event for Katy Pets this Saturday

KATY MAGAZINE NEWS l April 3, 2019

The first 10 pets get microchipped free of charge at the Katy Community ‘Chip Clinic’s (KCCC) event this Saturday, April 6.

Owners can bring their dogs and cats to the Katy ISD Miller Career & Technology Center on Saturday morning for low cost microchipping. In celebration of KCCC’s pending 501c3 status, pets can be microchipped for only $5.00 each (cash only). This service includes a free lifetime registration through a nationwide database maintained by

Event Details

Saturday, April 6 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Katy ISD Miller Career & Technology Center

1734 Katyland Dr., Katy

Cost: $5.00 cash. First 10 pets are free

For more information, visit the KCCC Facebook page.

Who can participate in the event?

Pets and their families do not have to live in Katy to participate at the KCCC, but the organizers remind attendees that the event is for personal pets only. For the safety of volunteers and guests, pet owners are required to bring a Rabies Vaccine certificate.

Cats should be transported in a secure carrier, while dogs should wear a securely fastened collar on a no-slip leash (please no retractable leashes).

Students from the Vet Assisting Program at the Miller Career & Technology Center will be volunteering at the event and offering nail trimming services too. Guests are invited to see the program space at the center, and learn what services the students can offer their pets.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a rice-sized transponder that gets injected with a needle between the pet’s shoulder blades. Most pets don’t react any differently than they would when getting their vaccinations.

Katy Community ‘Chip uses universal microchips that can be scanned by any brand of microchip scanner. Microchips do not have GPS locators in them, but they are linked to the pet owner’s contact information, so it’s important to keep that current. The microchip account can be accessed online for pet owners to update their contact information as needed, and even add their pet’s photo and veterinarian information.

Why should pets get a microchip?

If a pet accidentally gets lost and turned into a shelter or veterinarian’s office, the animal can be scanned upon intake and linked to the owner’s contact information. Microchipping pets helps them get home quicker. Plus, they won’t take up space needed to give homeless pets a chance at finding a home.

For more information on this event, visit the KCCC Facebook page or send them an email.

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