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Suspect Wanted for 'Upskirting' Woman in Katy's Cross Creek Ranch H-E-B


May 15, 2019

By Jennifer Miko

The Fulshear Police seek the community's help identifying a man suspected of Invasive Visual Recording at the Cross Creek Ranch H-E-B at 4950 FM 1463. Yesterday morning (Tuesday, May 14), between 8:00 am and 8:30 am, a man inappropriately used his cell phone to take a picture up a woman's dress.

Update May 17, 2019 12:35 pm: The suspect in the recent "upskirting" offense was spotted and arrested this morning. Jose Javier Medina Gomez, 28 was spotted by Fulshear Officer Looney on FM 1463 near Fulshear Bend working at a construction site.

The man followed the female patron inside the store for several minutes. "He brazenly walked up next to her and unlawfully used his cell phone to take a photo from under her dress," the Fulshear Police reported on social media. "This (felony) offense is more commonly known as 'upskirting.'”

"The victim was aware of the suspect coming up next to her, but he was so quick, she missed the actual incident," says Captain Mike McCoy with the Fulshear Police Department.

Reporting the Incident

The woman did suspect something was wrong though.

"She was responsive and told management immediately. She did a good job," says Captain McCoy.

Although it was undetermined that a crime had been committed at the time, HEB was diligent in assuring the customer was safe and unharmed. After determining the suspicious man had left the store, H-E-B management escorted the patron to her car.

The police were then quickly notified. Captain McCoy said, to his knowledge, the department has never responded to this type of crime in the past.

Suspect and Get-away Car Described

"We have very good video evidence, but no witness to the actual crime when it occurred," says Captain McCoy. The suspect, captured on the store video, is an Hispanic male with a goatee and medium build.

"We did have a witness state that she saw the man acting suspiciously in the store," says Captain McCoy.

The suspect was seen driving away in a what appears to be a white Lincoln four door sedan.

"After watching the video, this could have happened to anyone," says Captain McCoy. "He was very good at doing this type of crime."

Be Aware and Be Diligent

"It's important that no matter where we live or where we go, we must always stay vigilant and aware of our surroundings," warns Captain McCoy. "This type of crime can happen anywhere you live."

Police ask that if you have any information on this suspect or recognize the vehicle, please call 281-346-8888 or email Investigator Villa at

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