21 Ways to Spread the Thanksgiving Spirit in Katy


November 9, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

November is a month for giving thanks. Katyites have big hearts and the city gives families many opportunities to give back, make a difference, and bring greatness to the city they love.

From taking groceries to a neighbor to showing support to our first responders. How will you give thanks this month and spread the spirit in Katy?

“The City of Katy is well known for the giving nature of its citizens and their ability to assist those in need,” says Katy Mayor Bill Hastings.

November is a month to give thanks and Katy has plenty of opportunities for families to join in the giving fun.

“We pride ourselves on our sense of community and our willingness to volunteer our time and donate our resources to help in whatever capacity is needed,” says Mayor Hastings.

There are so many great ways to give thanks and help others in Katy and beyond. These are just some ideas to get you started. What will you do?

1. Donate to a Katy Charity- From Katy Christian Ministries, Hope Impacts, Clothed by Faith and more. There are so many Katy-based charities. Katy families can easily pick a cause they feel called to serve and give.

2. Make Dinner for Someone- Do you know someone who has been impacted by the pandemic? Do you know a single mom? A family going through a hard time? Everyone knows someone who could be lifted up. Make them dinner!

3. Volunteer at a Katy School- Give back to Katy students and get to spend time with your kid. See them in their academic setting and meet their friends while spreading holiday joy to one of our wonderful Katy schools.

4. Pay it Forward- Pay for the person’s Starbucks behind you in the drive-thru or go big and pay for the person’s groceries behind you in line!