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21 Ways to Spread the Thanksgiving Spirit in Katy


November 9, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

November is a month for giving thanks. Katyites have big hearts and the city gives families many opportunities to give back, make a difference, and bring greatness to the city they love.

From taking groceries to a neighbor to showing support to our first responders. How will you give thanks this month and spread the spirit in Katy?

“The City of Katy is well known for the giving nature of its citizens and their ability to assist those in need,” says Katy Mayor Bill Hastings.

November is a month to give thanks and Katy has plenty of opportunities for families to join in the giving fun.

“We pride ourselves on our sense of community and our willingness to volunteer our time and donate our resources to help in whatever capacity is needed,” says Mayor Hastings.

There are so many great ways to give thanks and help others in Katy and beyond. These are just some ideas to get you started. What will you do?

1. Donate to a Katy Charity- From Katy Christian Ministries, Hope Impacts, Clothed by Faith and more. There are so many Katy-based charities. Katy families can easily pick a cause they feel called to serve and give.

2. Make Dinner for Someone- Do you know someone who has been impacted by the pandemic? Do you know a single mom? A family going through a hard time? Everyone knows someone who could be lifted up. Make them dinner!

3. Volunteer at a Katy School- Give back to Katy students and get to spend time with your kid. See them in their academic setting and meet their friends while spreading holiday joy to one of our wonderful Katy schools.

4. Pay it Forward- Pay for the person’s Starbucks behind you in the drive-thru or go big and pay for the person’s groceries behind you in line!

5. Clean a Neighbor’s House- Help an elderly neighbor take some time to rest. Clean their house and stop to chat to learn about their history in Katy.

6. Mow a Neighbor’s Yard- No one wants those dreaded letters from HOA’s. Help a neighbor out so they can relax instead of working in the yard.

7. Walk a Neighbor’s Dog- Dogs are our best friends but sometimes even the best dog lovers could use some help. Help a neighbor out by walking their dog. You will also add steps your daily count.

8. Go Shopping and Have Lunch- Brookwood Community grows and sells amazing poinsettias each year. Buying one helps reward their hardworking citizens (adults with disabilities.) They also have a wonderful café for lunch with shopping. Brookwood creates on site job programs for adults with disabilities.

9. Do Crafts with Some Seniors- Plan and host a craft time for the sweet seniors at Legacy at Falcon Point or other Katy Area senior center. Most welcome community volunteers and friendly visitors.

You could spend time with these babies and more!

10. Foster or Adopt a Needy Pet- If you can't adopt, apply to become a foster family/parent at Citizens for Animal Protection. You may be assigned to help a young puppy, nursing mother, or sick or injured animal that needs healing. CAPS also has a wish list of items you can donate for the animals.

11. Bake Cookies or a Meal for a Neighbor- Find a single mom, senior or other neighbor who would enjoy a little treat. Add a nice note to brighten their day.

12. Help Women and Babies- Buy diapers, pull ups, or other baby items and donate them to the Fort Bend Women's Center. FBWC helps survivors of violence and sexual assault.

13. Help Katy's Homeless Stay Warm Hold a donation drive for Hope Impacts which helps bring restoration to Katy's homeless population. They need coats, jackets, hoodies, large blankets (adult sized) thermals, hand warmers, men's cotton boxer briefs, and other items. You can also make a monetary donation to this worthwhile organization.

14. Volunteer at Katy Christian Ministries- Volunteer in the food pantry at KCM or help out in the resale store. They also have other needs including crisis center volunteers, administrative support, event volunteers, community garden maintenance, and Santa's Sleigh volunteers and donations.

15. Write an Encouraging Note to Someone- Send words of encouragement to someone in your life. A teacher, principal, pastor, neighbor, friend, coworker, or all of the above.

16. Babysit for a Single Mom- Help a girl out. If you know a single mom, give her a little break over the holidays and time to shop while you spend time with the kids.

17. Become a Blood Donor- Every blood donation can save up to three lives. Give the gift of life by donating blood to the Katy Neighborhood Donor Center. Platelets are often used to treat cancer patients and expire in five days so ongoing donations are always needed.

18. Coffee Delivery- Take coffee to work. Every body loved the person that brings the caffeine.

19. Make Cards- Make some holiday or New Year's cards for residents of a Katy nursing home.

20. Growing Neighborly Love- Spread love through the neighborhood by taking a pot plant to a neighbor or two. Let the gesture spread until everyone has a new pot plant to care for.

21. We Love Our First Responders- Take a pizza or box of donuts to a local police station or fire department. Let the kids make cards and posters showing their support. We love our Katy first responders!

“We are a community that prides itself in being purposeful in the way we help and support our fellow citizens and support our local charities,” says Mayor Hastings.

There are so many ways to bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to the City of Katy. From the small to the big, how will you add to the giving mood this month? Let us know! Email and share your story.


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