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3 Katy ISD School Board Members Announce Re-election Plans


January 16, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Courtney Doyle, Bill Lacy, and Ashley Vann each announced that they are seeking re-election to the Katy ISD School Board.

Pictured: Bill Lacy, Courtney Doyle, and Ashley Vann

Running for Re-election

During the upcoming Katy ISD Board of Trustees Election, positions 3, 4 and 5 will be on the ballot. The general election will be held May 2, 2020.

Current Katy ISD Board of Trustees members Courtney Doyle, Bill Lacy, and Ashley Vann will all be seeking re-election, for three-year terms. Doyle and Lacy were expected to seek new terms, but Vann’s intentions weren't definitive until now.

Vann's Surprise Announcement

Vann is the current secretary of the Board of Trustees, and previously served on the Board as president. She announced her decision to run on Facebook.

“After talking to trusted friends, advisors and of course my husband, I am resolute that there is more good work to do with my serving in this role, for the district and community that I love,” said Vann.

Lacy Wants to Share Katy ISD's Success

Lacy’s announcement was expected, as he’s said before he desires multiple terms.

“I love this district,” said Lacy. “I want to make sure we continue to support the superintendent and his staff. I want to make sure that they are successful.”

Lacy was recently named a Representative of Texas Association of School Boards where he will share ideas with other Texas school districts.

“I want to show and share with over 1,000 districts, many of which are small and lack the resources we have, what we can do,” he said.

Lacy also aspires to share more of what makes Katy ISD great with the public.

“I want to make several things public. Our drop out and prevention rate and what that department does is inspiring. This district will work with a student until they’ve aged out of the system. They never give up on a student,” explains Lacy. “I’ve known a lot of kids in our FFA program. FFA has changed their lives. I want to share these stories and help the public to see behind the curtain. I love our district!”

Lacy has three daughters and a son who have graduated from Katy ISD schools.

Doyle Wants to Focus on Stability

Courtney Doyle currently serves as the president of the Board.

“It is an honor to serve our staff, students and families that make Katy ISD the amazing place it is,” said Doyle. “The current board is comprised of talented, intelligent individuals that work well together. With a new superintendent, I believe it is imperative that we focus on stability and continuity as we continue to grow.”

Big and New Goals

Doyle has her sights set on big goals. “Every decision we make is “big” as we are directly affecting future generations. We have a solid board, strong superintendent, amazing administration and staff. We are always looking for new goals to reach and obtain for our students.”

Weathered Big Changes

Over the last few years, the Board of Trustees has seen Katy ISD grow and welcome a new superintendent. Lacy, Doyle and Vann hope to continue the work they’ve done to contribute to and support the district.

Both Doyle and Vann have served two terms and are seeking their third. Lacy will be running for his second term.

The current Katy ISD Board of Trustees also includes Dawn Champagne, Susan Gesoff, Donald “Duke” Keller and Lance Redmon. All are currently serving their terms and are not up for re-election at this time.

Election Information

An application for a place on the Katy ISD Board of Trustees ballot must be filed with the Elections Administrator located at the Katy ISD Education Support Complex, 6301 S. Stadium Lane, beginning Wednesday, January 15, 2020 and ending at 5 p.m. on Friday, February 14, 2020. For application information, visit their website here.


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