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5 Best Calorie-Torching Hot Workouts in Katy, Texas

If you're looking for a way to get toned, blast body fat, and achieve killer results - get ready to turn up the heat! These sweltering fitness classes and activities will boost your confidence and shrink your waistline.


By Ashley Lancaster

1. Hot Cycling Hotworx Katy 1315 W. Grand Pkwy S.


Yah, you read that right. This high intensity interval workout is 15 minutes long and is set in an infrared hot studio to increase your cardiovascular health, cleanse your system of toxins, and positively blast fat. All Hotworx studio sessions are taught by a virtual instructor, and the studio is open 24/7. ​Click here to book a FREE SESSION.

2. Hot Buns Hotworx Katy 1315 W. Grand Pkwy. S.


Max out your glute workout! Hot Buns is an intense, isometric lower body workout. All HotWorx studio sessions are led by a virtual instructor and the gym is open 24/7.Click here to book a FREE SESSION.

3. Hot Row

Hotworx Katy 1315 W. Grand Pkwy. S.


Get ready for bathing suit season during the 15-minute HIIT rowing, chest, and leg press workout in an infrared hot studio. The studio is open 24/7 and all classes are led by a virtual instructor. ​ They offer more hot classes too. Click here to book a FREE SESSION.

Art Montage Yoga

2501 S. Mason Rd. 855-666-8243

Their Hot Hatha Yoga class is 75 minutes long and helps eliminate aches & pains, improves overall strength, and burns away pounds at temps of 90-95 degrees. You can also attend a Hot Barre class, which blends ballet barre with Pilates and yoga techniques to get you toned in 55 minutes. Hot Barre temps are usually in 80-85 degrees.


6734 Westheimer Lakes N. Blvd.


Try out a traditional Bikram Yoga class, and once you're used to it, take the heat up a notch with Inferno Hot Yoga. The studio is set to 95 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity.


**NOTE** For your safety, always hydrate with water before the class. Experts recommend that you keep a water bottle with you throughout the day, and take small sips. Being well hydrated before class will prevent dehydration and cramping. Make sure to have water during class and after as well.


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