8 Cool Ideas for Fun in Your Katy Neighborhood


By Natalie Cook Clark

As summer winds down, take time to soak up some fun, stay cool, and build relationships and make memories. Organize activities for the local kids, or bring your neighborhood together with an awesome block or foam party. Most of these are BIG IDEAS and are best done with friends and neighbors to offset the cost. Others ideas barely cost anything. Take a look at these 8 great ways to end the summer with a bang!

1. Host a Foam Party

For kids foam parties, you'll need to section off a large grassy or soft area for the boundaries where they can slip around with low risk of injury. Get your favorite group of kids and parents together and split the cost of a foam machine rental, which makes it more fun than trying to do it yourself. While the kids play, blast some summer time surf music to make it extra memorable.

2. Create a Backyard Waterslide

Photo courtesy: Julz Hall

Kids of all ages love a slippery waterslide! Share the costs with the neighbors and let the fun begin! You can rent a fancy waterslide from a local company or make one yourself with a tarp and hose. Add a tube or raft to amp up the fun and enjoy the time in the sun.

2. Host an Outdoor Movie Night