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8 Katy ISD Music Ensembles Named Among Top 10 in Texas


August 9, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Eight Katy ISD music ensembles will start the 2022-2023 school year with distinguished state recognition. Both the Alexander Elementary Choir and Beckendorff Junior High String Orchestra earned first place in their divisions.

Alexander Elementary Choir. Photo credit: Katy ISD

Katy ISD Music Ensembles Receive State Recognitions

At the end of July, the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) named Alexander Elementary Choir as the #1 Elementary School Choir in Texas, while Beckendorff Junior High took the top spot in the School String Orchestra Division. Six additional Katy ISD music groups were among the top 10 recognitions.

“This year Katy ISD had eight groups that advanced to finals, which was the most of any district in this state-level competition,” says Damon Archer, Executive Director of the Fine Arts Department in Katy ISD.

Beckendorff Junior High String Orchestra. Photo credit: Katy ISD

Both Alexander Elementary Choir and Beckendorff Junior High Orchestra received an honorary invitation to perform at the February 2023 TMEA Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

Each year TMEA holds a statewide contest to recognize the highest performing ensembles across the state of Texas. To be considered, each group must submit a recording of their ensemble to a panel of judges for evaluation, and to provide a final state ranking.

Katy ISD Ensemble Rankings:

Elementary Division

Alexander Elementary Choir – 1st Place

Junior High/Middle School String Orchestra Division

Beckendorff Junior High – 1st Place

Tays Junior High – 4th Place

Junior High/Middle School Full Orchestra

Cinco Ranch Junior High – 6th Place

High School Full Orchestra

Seven Lakes High School – 2nd Place

Tompkins High School – 4th Place

2C Junior High/Middle School Band

Memorial Parkway Junior High – 10th Place

6A High School Band

Tompkins High School – 9th Place

“Students were anxiously awaiting these results during the summer. To receive this prestigious recognition just weeks from the first day of school will surely contribute to a motivating school year,” says Archer.


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