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9 Back to School Traditions Katy Families Love


August 17, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Tomorrow is the big day for many Katy families. Katy ISD students return to school and local families prepare to go all out to celebrate that first day.

Katy ISD Starts Tomorrow

Katy ISD students return to school tomorrow. A pandemic won't stop Katy families from celebrating back to school. For some students, this is the first day in-person in a very long time. See what new traditions you can add to your first day of school routine.

1. Strut into the School Year

Celebrate the new academic year with a back-to-school fashion show the night before. Turn your living room into a runway and ask Alexa to play some tunes. This is a great opportunity to decide on this first week’s wardrobe and eliminate the morning battle of picking out clothing.

2. The Last Supper of Summer

The night before school (tonight) have a special sit-down family meal. Let the kids decide what’s on the meal. Talk about goals for the year ahead and remember all those fun summer memories.

3. A Letter to the Future

Have each child write a letter to themselves on the last day of school. Prompt them to talk about what they hope they will accomplish this year and their excitement for certain activities. Help them seal it and put it up somewhere safe. This will be a special treasure to revisit on that last day and see if they accomplished their dreams and goals.

4. Before School Breakfast Surprise

It’s recommended that all students start the school day with a good breakfast but make that first morning special. Add a slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream to a waffle. Eat breakfast as a family and talk about the big day ahead.

5. Snack ‘N’ Share

Sticking with the topic of food, make their after-school snack special. Create a fun school themed charcuterie board and enjoy while sharing scoop from the school day.

6. The Gift of Reading

Give each child a book on their level to enjoy this first week. Whether it is a book they can read on their own or a book you’ll enjoy as a family, it is still a great way to share the joy of learning.

7. Mommy’s (or Dad’s) Day Out

Katy parents can enjoy a day to themselves! How will you celebrate your “freedom?” Many local Katy restaurants are having back to school parent specials.

The Union Kitchen in Katy is hosting a special Back-to-School Brunch benefiting the Ballard House.

8. Pick a New Hobby

With the kids in school it may be a great time for mom or dad to pick a new hobby. Join a book club or a gym. Take that yoga class you’ve been thinking about. Your options are endless in Katy!

9. Pictures, Pictures, and PICTURES!

Back to school means it’s time to smile! How do you do back to school pictures? Get ready to see them on Facebook and don’t wait until tomorrow to decide! Don’t forget to post them on Katy Magazine’s Facebook page.

Many Katy ISD schools have fun cutouts and posters perfect for pictures!

What back to school traditions does your family do? Let us know your ideas in the comments.


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