9 Christmas Party Themes Katy Friends and Families Love


By Natalie Cook Clark

Don't let baking, wrapping gifts and decorating cause you stress this season. Instead, round up your family and friends and turn these holiday must-dos into a memorable and fun party.

Photo courtesy Shelley Belin. First grade teachers at Bonnie Holland Elementary.

1. Ugly Sweater Parties

We all have them. Those "fashionably questionable" sweaters that may have been past gifts or past trends. Don't let that level of festive cheer go to waste. If it's not a chilly night, sweat it out with friends. Many retailers have caught onto the popularity of such parties and now purposely make deliberately ugly sweaters to meet a variety of themes and styles. Have a contest and see who can find the most hideous one. A festive backdrop will make your ugly sweater photos even more fun.

2. Wreath Making Parties

Friends everywhere in Katy are hosting in-home wreath making parties to add to the holiday merriment. At the party, there is usually a designated leader who instructs the group on basic how-to steps. It's much easier than you think and the finished products look amazing. Each guest will get a sense of accomplishment by adding their own special touches to the project and will have a beautiful keepsake to take home.

Schedule this craft party, complete with snacks, drinks and friends, early in December. Then, for the rest of the holiday season you can enjoy your work, while relishing in the memories from your fun ladies' party.

Photo of a recent wreath party at Cane Island. Photo courtesy Jodi Black

3. Holiday Cookie Bake and Exchanges

Everyone needs some holiday cookie sweetness this time of year! Crank up the Christmas music and gather friends and family to share favorite holiday recipes. Or, turn your kitchen into a baking class and teach the kids to make seasonal sweets to share and exchange. Inexpensive tins can hold baked goods, perfect for teacher gifts!

For big kid fun, get the girls together to bake treats over a glass of wine or eggnog. Consider collecting all of your recipes for a digital cookbook - the gift that will keep on giving.

4. Christmas Vacation Parties

An adults-only fun themed party is a Christmas Vacation Party where guests come as their favorite character from the movie. Have fun dressing as Clark or Ellen Griswold, Cousin Eddie, Aunt Bethany, Russ, or one of the snooty yuppies next door. Make sure your house is decorated with gaudy Christmas lights and play the movie at the party. Serve eggnog from moose glasses (available on and have a squirrel hiding in your giant Christmas tree.