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Katy Husband Shoots at Robbery Suspects Injuring One


December 29, 2018

Jennifer Lynn Greenway

Saturday afternoon around 2:30 pm, a man shot at robbery suspects, injuring one of the men in Katy, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

The shooting happened near 3099 Fry Rd, N. Fry Rd and Morton Rd., in the parking lot. Two males attempted to rob a woman as she was loading her groceries in the Randall's parking lot into her car. The suspects pulled up and demanded the woman's purse.

Her husband saw what was going on and retrieved his pistol. Shots were exchanged and both of the robbery suspects were hit. One of the injured suspect was transported via Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the medical center, where he is being treated for his injuries. His condition is unknown.

The getaway car, a dark-colored, newer-model Cadillac with no tags, crashed into the median on Fry Rd. in front of the Randall's shopping center. The men exited and ran down Fry Road to escape. The driver, who was hit by at least one bullet in the shoulder, ran down Fry Rd. He made it to a fire station where he collapsed. The injured suspect is at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the medical center and his condition is not known.

Detectives believe the suspects are "juggers". The couple had been at the Chase Bank before grocery shopping across the street at Randall's and detectives believe they were followed from the bank.

The alleged getaway car has several visible bullet holes. Neither the husband or wife were injured in the attempted robbery.

A second suspect is described as a black male, 5'4" in his late teens to early 20's. There is no description of the possible third suspect.

Detectives believe the suspects are "juggers". The couple had been at the Chase Bank and then went grocery shopping at Randall's. They were loading the groceries when the suspects approached.

Jugging is a term used by criminals, and now law enforcement, to describe the stalking of potential victims as a prelude to burglary or robbery. Jugging takes place when a criminal sees you with something he wants and he follows you until an opportunity is presented to take that “something” from you. Usually, however, the term jugging is reserved for those criminals who steal from victims who have just left a bank or ATM as is the case in this crime. Jugging is on the rise in the Houston area.

As of this release, Harris County deputies were still at the scene investigating. Fry Road is closed at this time and the getaway car has yet to be moved from the road.

No arrests have been made at this time.


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