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British Private Prep Schools

Firm. Fair. Consistent.

Educating Katy Children

British Private Prep School has educated over 2000 children and is a very well respected school in the Katy area. Focused on academics and character building life skills. Manners, being kind to one another, responsibility and respect are just a few of the skills children are taught while attending the prep school.

All Nationalities Welcome

School age ranges from Kindergarten through age 12. Welcoming all students from all walks of life. The prep school is a fair and firm consistent environment for children to grow and learn. A safe and warm place that children will love attending.

Hours and Locations

Weekly camps are offered during the summertime. There can be up to four field trips a week which brings a ton of learning and fun for children.

Tours are held every Friday at 9 and 11 a.m. Cinco Southwest 281-394-7737 Cinco East 281-828-2000 Firethorne 281-394-5889


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