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Cane Island Community Rallies to Save Dumped Puppies


January 27, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

The Cane Island community rallied this week to save a litter of puppies and their mom that were dumped Tuesday. The rescue effort is still ongoing as residents continue to search for possible more puppies and to nurse those rescued back to health.

Photo credit: Caroline Walker-Trulock

Cane Island Residents Rescue Dumped Puppies

“Tuesday morning the Facebook posts started coming in on our community page about dog sightings,” says Cane Island resident Amanda Cox. “It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were dealing with a litter of puppies that had been dumped with their mom.”

According to Cox, the mom and puppies were first spotted at Morton Road and Pitts around 5:00 a.m. and then they scattered from there throughout Cane Island.

“They were left to fend for themselves and have not been taken care of,” says Caroline Walker-Trulock, Volunteer Coordinator for Almost Home Rescue.

Throughout Tuesday Cane Island residents rallied to report sightings and take in the family until they were all picked up by Jennifer and Matt Terry, Cane Island residents, who took them to their home.

Four puppies and their mother have been rescued. Currently they are being called the “I Puppies,” as Almost Home Recue follow the alphabet in naming rescues and never repeats a name.

Residents Continue to Search for More Puppies

“A big concern right now is that there could be other puppies out there,” says Walker-Trulock. Families in the area are searching for any other puppies associated with this litter. Anyone who finds a dog that could be related is asked to reach out to Almost Home Rescue.

The Terrys and other volunteers spent an evening bathing the dogs and giving them medication provided by Almost Home Rescue.

Volunteers for Animal Protection (VAP) out of Kingwood has taken the mom (believed to be a black lab mix.) Almost Home Rescue is currently supporting the puppies with two Katy families fostering them.

The puppies have received vet care.

How this puppy family came to be dumped isn’t known. “Sadly it is common for dogs to be dumped in affluent communities,” says Walker-Trulock.

The puppies have seen a local vet and are being treated for mange, dehydration, malnourishment, and low blood sugar.

“I have never in my life seen puppies in this shape,” says Cox, who says the puppies hardly have any hair due to the mange except on their head.

With medical attention and loving care, they are expected to make a full recovery.

Donations Needed for the Puppies

Right now, the puppies are in desperate need of supplies and donations for medical care. They are currently on Taste of the wild Pacific Stream Puppy food. They also need lots of puppy pads.

At Home Rescue is accepting donations for them. Email them at or message them through their Facebook page.

“Dumping dogs is never the answer,” says Walker-Trulock. “Step one is to spay and neuter pets. If you have an accidental litter, reach out to a rescue. We can come up with a plan to help the whole family.”

It is illegal to dump an animal. If anyone suspects an animal is being mistreated, they can report it to the Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce at 832-927-7297 or report it online.


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