Catalytic Converters Stolen from Katy ISD Parking Lots


October 16, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Catalytic converter thefts continue to be a problem in the Greater Houston area and these crimes are occurring in Katy ISD parking lots. Katy ISD Police work to investigate and educate against these thefts.

Several Katy ISD Facilities Impacted by Thefts

Several Katy ISD facilities have experienced catalytic converter thefts over the past couple of years. Last week, catalytic converters were stolen from the Katy High School parking lot.

“Katy ISD police personnel work hard to investigate such crimes,” says Laura Davis, a spokesperson for Katy ISD.

According to Davis, most of these crimes occur in a matter of minutes and often involve at least two suspects. One will lookout while the other crawls underneath the vehicle with a mechanical saw to cut out the catalytic converter.

Katy ISD Police Department offers tips to help Katy ISD and students to prevent being victimized by these thefts.

  • Park in well-lit areas, especially as the days become shorter and it gets darker earlier

  • Upgrade car alarms to activate when the vehicle is jacked up on one side

  • Install a skid plate or large cover to the bottom of your vehicle

  • If you are able, park in a garage

  • Etch your VIN or license plate into your converters

  • Bright high-temp paint (let’s police know converter has been marked)

  • Aftermarket products like straps or wire cages make it much more difficult for your converter to be cut off

The Houston Police Department shares a video to help residents understand this crime and how best to prevent it.

From the Houston Police Department.

What is a Catalytic Convert