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Caught: Suspect in Katy Vehicle Burglaries and More


February 28, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

A suspect in several vehicle burglaries of the Cinco Ranch and Seven Meadows neighborhoods is now behind bars thanks to the teamwork from Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office and a Precinct 3 Deputy. The suspect is also charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon by a felon and possession of marijuana.

Suspect Shannon Deshawn Williams was arrested Wednesday morning. Photo: FBCSO

One Call Lead to Multiple Charges

One call to dispatch likely put an end to a major Katy crime spree. At 2 a.m. Wednesday, a call about a vehicle burglary at the 2500 block of Rusted Roof Court came into dispatch. "Multiple Fort Bend County Sheriff Officers responded as well as Deputy Hernandez of Fort Bend County's Precinct 3," explains Major Chad Norvell of Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

Great Team Work

Deputy Hernandez located the vehicle traveling east on Fry Road. He followed and made an investigative traffic stop at the 9300 block of Rain Bluff lane, this is a neighborhood near Katy Gaston Road and Spring Green Boulevard. "Hernandez developed his own probable cause and searched the vehicle and subject was arrested by him for marijuana possession," says Norvell.

Photo: FBCSO

Due to the number of vehicle burglaries in the area, a Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Detective was called out to respond to scene and subsequently interview the suspect for additional charges. Authorities originally stated that Williams was believed to be involved in about 30 area vehicle burglaries. Now they believe that number is more likely 2-3 burglaries but the investigation is ongoing.

"This is a major break in these cases. Great work," says Constable Wayne Thompson.

Suspect Had a Loaded Gun

During the stop Deputy Hernandez also found a handgun with a full magazine. The suspect, 20-year-old Shannon Deshawn Williams has previous felony convictions so he was also booked for possession of an unlawful weapon by a felon.

"We're glad this individual was located and this is a great example of professional teamwork", says Norvell.

Residents Must Remain Vigilant

Though this is a big win for the area, Katy residents still need to take caution. "It's important for Katy area residents to be vigilant in protecting their vehicles," says Norvell.

"Residents should also ensure they do not leave their gun in the console," advises Norvell. "Burglars are breaking windows and checking consoles specifically looking for weapons."

Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Detectives are following up on this ongoing investigation and hope to link Williams to 2-3 vehicle burglaries in addition to his other charges.


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