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Community Band to Wrap 31st Season with Patriotic Concert


June 13, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


The Lone Star Symphonic Band performs in Katy later this month as they conclude their 31st season in a big patriotic performance. They are a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to bringing performances of artistic merit to the Houston area.


The Lone Star Symphonic Band is a non-profit volunteer organization that was founded in 1993 dedicated to bringing performances of artistic merit to the Houston area. The band follows the direction of Music Director Bob Bryant.


On June 30, 2024, The Lone Star Symphonic Band will perform their final concert of the season at Holy Covenant United Methodist Church (22111 Morton Road) in Katy. The Patriotic Concert will begin at 4:00 p.m. (See ticket info below.)


“The band members cover many different vocations, backgrounds, and experiences,” says Director Bob Bryant. “They love to perform music for our community!” 


According to Bryant, band memembers jobs/vocations range from accountants, veterinarians, digital technology, sales associates, engineering - electrical, mechanical, petroleum, chemical - educators, retirees, stay-at-home parents, doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, historians and more.


“The Lone Star Symphonic Band is the community band for the entire Katy (and beyond) area,” says Director Bryant. “The patriotic concert is always the last concert of our concert season and truly brings our community - from the varied backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, life experiences of our diverse population together to celebrate this very fact; the founding, defended, and continued strength of our nation is in the woven fabric of its people.”


Director Bryant says that the all-volunteer group is dedicated to providing quality live performances to their community and their hours of commitment proves it.


The group hopes that they can inspire community musicians to keep playing and enjoying music.


Always play your instrument as long as you are physically able to do so -- no matter where your life takes you,” says Director Bryant. “The ability to play a musical instrument engages numerous benefits mentally, physically, and emotionally for the performer as well as for the listener.”


Purchase tickets in advance to “Bold Stripes, Bright Stars, and Brave Hearts” for $7 online.

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