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Don't Mess with Bucky the Beaver, the Critter That Doesn't Litter


August 20, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Litter costs Texas millions of dollars each year and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is dedicated to addressing this issue. A new plan announced today at Katy's Buc-ee's hopes to combat this growing problem.

TxDOT and Buc-ees Announce New Anti-litter Plan

The "Don't mess with Texas" mascot, Darrel the Barrel, and others met at Katy's Buc-ee's store today to announce a new plan that will be instrumental in the anti-littering campaign's push to reach Texans of all ages.

The TxDOT plan includes another Texas icon, Bucky the Beaver. Motorists in Texas can't miss his likeness gracing billboards across the state. Visitors to the popular Buc-ee's mega-rest stops can't resist the beaver merchandise from bumper stickers to coolers. So the TxDOT plan to pair Bucky the Beaver and Darrel the Barrel is a match made only in Texas.

The campaign includes Buc-ee's merchandise promoting "This Critter Don't Litter," and highway billboards that promote "Sparkling Streets and Sparkling Seats."

A Growing Problem

A recent study shows approximately 362 million pieces of visible litter collect on Texas roadways each year. As litter continues to be a growing challenge in Texas, TxDOT is hopeful this statewide collaborative effort between two Texas-sized brands will help keep our state clean.

According to TxDOT, one in four Texans admits to littering. 71 percent of litter consists of micro-litter that is not easily seen on roadways such as gum wrappers. Tobacco trash is the most common form of litter in Texas.

The most common forms of litter are food or organic material, like banana peels and apple cores, cigarette butts and small pieces of paper such as receipts and gum wrappers. Those who litter in Texas could face a fine starting at $500 and could go up to $2,000.


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