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Dr. Lance Hindt's, Katy ISD Superintendent, Letter to Staff

The following letter was sent out to Katy ISD staff today from Dr. Hindt, Superintendent of Katy ISD schools.


April 2, 2018

Dear Staff,

This note is to share my reflections on recent events.

Have you ever had a defining moment in your life when you knew everything would change? Mine occurred in 1992, while listening to a sermon by Dr. Ed Young with my girlfriend (and future wife). It was at this time that I decided I wanted a personal relationship with my lord and savior. Knowing that my past had been washed away and I was a renewed person, I hitched a ride on a wonderful journey that has led me to where I am today. In between, I married my rock, my best friend, my beautiful soulmate – Kathryn. We have two dynamite kids, now young adults, Zach and Alexis. And now, I am living a dream by coming home and giving back to a community that gave so much to me, a community that helped mold and shape the person, the man, I am today.

Along this 27 year journey, I have dedicated my passion, my love and my commitment to my family, and to the students, the staffs and the communities I have been blessed to serve. As an adult, I believe and I hope that my impact on others has been positive. But I recognize, I am not a perfect person; none of us is. I certainly wasn’t as a teenager, and I am not as an adult. When I was young and dumb – I did dumb things. Because of great teachers, coaches, administrators and mentors in my life, and the unconditional love of my parents, I was able to overcome, learn and grow from my childhood mistakes. Isn’t that what life is all about? Growing. Learning. Changing. Maturing. I believe it is my adolescent years that has provided me with a better understanding of the realities of today’s students and helps me lead our phenomenal school district.

To our Katy ISD superstar staff, I am so sorry for the negative attention brought against our school district and town. It is unfortunate that half-truths, viral videos, edited tape, false statements, and gotcha moments are a part of our modern mainstream news and social media culture. These frenzied attacks lack context and certainly distort the truth. As I have seen, there is evil among us, those that will do anything to destroy someone’s good reputation and 27 year career. I will continue to fight the good fight, and proudly lead Katy ISD. However, as difficult as it has been these past couple weeks, I also choose to pray for the individuals who have brought this district harm, and I ask that you do the same.

Although I do not believe the attacks on our great school district, our school board or me are over, I remain steadfast in my commitment to Katy ISD. Please know, when I awake every day, I pray for guidance and I also pray that I make a positive impact on your lives, our students’ lives and on the community that we serve.

I trust that you will judge me based upon who I am today, not the allegations of more than 30+ years ago.

Thanks for listening. I continue to believe – All things work together for good!

Lance Hindt, Ed.D. Superintendent Katy ISD @KatyISDSupt

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09 sep. 2021

Does he shove his wife's head in the toilet too?

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