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By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy Magazine is profiling a series of notable first responders in our Every Day Heroes section.

Russel Wilson

Fire Chief - City of Katy Fire and EMS

From Tragedy Comes Inspiration

While many can't recall an actual moment of inspiration, Chief Wilson can. "Ironically, I witnessed an auto/pedestrian accident and tried to render aid," says Wilson. "The teenage victim died in my arms and I vowed I would never feel that helpless again. Had I known then what I know now, I would have known there was nothing that could be done."

With over 30 years of experience, Chief Wilson has been the City of Katy Fire Chief since May 2016. Before that he was the assistant fire chief for the City of Irving.

Bringing Good Ideas to Katy

Wilson has won numerous awards for programs that he started in his former departments, and brought those good ideas with him to Katy. "I started the Tip-a-Firefighter for Special Olympics in my former community and have continued that program here in Katy," says Wilson. "The Katy community has responded with great generosity and that program continues today."

Giving Back to the Community

Wilson is also the Medical Coordinator for Special Olympics Texas at their State Summer Games. "This is a big undertaking, but with my wife, Lisa, we have managed this for 13 years now," he explains.

"Here in Katy, I started a program with Meals On Wheels whereby our firefighters deliver meals to some of our most vulnerable population. This has been received well in the community and has allowed our firefighters not only to serve, but to see those citizens in need we might otherwise not even have the chance to know about."

Proud Empty-Nesters

Wilson and his wife, Lisa are empty-nesters and very proud of their daughter Schann and son David. Schann lives in the Houston area and graduated with a master's degree from UTMB in Occupational Therapy. David lives in Utah and graduated with a Masters in Education and is a teacher.

"Lisa is my greatest supporter and provides great strength to me for everything I do," says Wilson. The couple are active members of Parkway Fellowship Church.

"I am very proud of our firefighters for all they put in to this," says Chief Wilson.


Katy Magazine would like to thank Fire Chief Russell Wilson for all he does for the Katy community.


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